Utah Ski Trip Day 1

Since our trip to Salt Lake City was full of fun and shenanigans, I am breaking up the recap into a few posts (I can’t do the long-winded post, my attention span is that of a 5-year-old with ADHD). 

Our flight left NYC at 6AM, so we had to get there at 4 to find parking, go through security, find our gate, etc.  This meant we had to get up at 2:15 so we could be on the road by 2:30 (in case we hit traffic -which is a given in NYC no matter what time it is).

I popped a big kid Dramamine and saw these shoes sitting across from me in the airport and felt the need to take a photo and giggle quietly to myself.

Nice Shoes!


Two flights later, we arrived in Utah. We hopped in the rental Suburban with our new friends, and off we went.  We all dropped our bags off then headed out to the grocery store to stock up.

Chips and candy. Neccessities people!


Things in Utah costed a lot less than home.  They also stock insane amounts of everything.  We were not at BJ’s or at a Sam’s Club.  This was a regular ol grocery store. 

That's a looootta beans.


We grabbed a double double at In & Out Burger and packed it in early for the next day’s ski adventure!


6 responses to “Utah Ski Trip Day 1

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  3. Ohhh…In & Out is so good. I think I need to go grab a double double. It looks like you had a fun time, that’s good….


  4. I think I had those shoes!!! (In 1990! Keds. I thought I was cool.)

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