Paying A Visit To The Oldest Saloon In Utah


After the dramatic start to my day (see previous post), I was feeling better (and really hungry!).

Our local friend suggested we visit the Shooting Star Saloon (click the link to hear all about its history & see some crazy pics).  It’s the oldest saloon in Utah. 

So cool!

Above the bar

Check out the ceiling!

Holla for a dollah!

This place was the best hole in the wall spot ever!  We placed our food order at the bar, grabbed us a pitcher and parked at a booth right near the pool table.

The Shooting Star Saloon proudly boasts their taxidermy skills.


We were told that we needed to try their famous star burger.  Check out the menu.  It’s so to the point, just like the saloon.  Awesome!

Since the famous Star Burger was a double, I opted for the Mini Star (one burger, a split knockworst, cheese, lettuce, tomato, sautéed onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard, & chips). Yeah.  Not too mini.

The goods.


I’ve never eaten Knockworst, but what the heck?  When in Rome!



This burger was gone in about 5 minutes flat.  It was the best burger I’ve ever eaten!  This was a major highlight of the trip for this FatKid! 

Where was the coolest hole in the wall place you’ve ever been?  I want some more suggestions for our next trip…. 🙂


10 responses to “Paying A Visit To The Oldest Saloon In Utah

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  2. OMG, that is way too much meat, but in a good way. And anything tastes better with grilled onions on top. That should be their slogan. Girl, you’re making me hungry.

  3. Hole in the wall places are the best. That seems like the kind of place I could spent an entire day in and be happy 🙂 Especially with a burger like that!! Cute pics of you!

  4. Wow that place looks like so much fun! I love ridiculous places for real. That burger looks so good, I love burgers but never order them when I go out to eat. I really should-that may be my next goal of eating out. 🙂

  5. That place looks like it was alot of fun! and that food looks good too!!!

  6. Bonge’s Tavern in Indiana!
    It’s a cool concept because you park and tailgate with your own appetizers and drinks beforehand, while waiting on your table! Such fun!

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