Utah Ski Trip Powder Mountain

The 3rd day of our trip was filled with extreme highs and extreme lows for me. All in all, a crazy exciting day!!!

I still get butterflies when we pull up to a new mountain!!

Pulling up to Powder Mountain

We went to Powder Mountain.  A definite local spot.  This resort was huuuuuuge!  Like the name states, everything was covered in fresh powder.

The lifts were scenic to say the least.

I was really excited!

After my 2nd run (about 2 seconds after I took this cheesy picture), my legs cramped up so badly, it felt like a charlie horse from my calves to my quads.  I was dizzy, and a little disoriented.  I called it quits around noon.  I got sick (bleh!).  I gulped down about 5 or 6 cups of water and felt better once we drove to lower ground.  

After this trip, I have a new-found respect for water.  The altitude (11,000 feet up) dehydrated the body.  I underestimated what water (or lack there of) can do to somebody.

Water is nothing to mess with.


11 responses to “Utah Ski Trip Powder Mountain

  1. hi mindy,
    you are very good at penning down your experiences. Read couple of your posts by now and liking them. And here is one of my similar experience: http://lamp19.wordpress.com/2010/05/14/national-himalayan-trekking-sar-pass-2010/
    I hope you too would like reading it.

  2. Girl, you look too cute for someone who scaled a mountain twice 🙂 ….but think of the irony, you’re surrounded by frozen water and dehydrated. But it looks like chilly fun.


  3. It looks amazing!!! and it looks like you had a good time skiing!!

  4. Uh oh, that’s not good. But you look very pretty, such long eyelashes!!!

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  6. Love that pic of YOU! beautiful scenery, too

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