Genie’s Protein Waffles!

I “met” Genie (a figure competitor) on a fitness forum, and once my little blog project took off, I discovered that she has her own blog.  It includes recipes, workouts, etc.  Well, I came across this recipe for protein waffles.  They looked too good not to try. 

Today was the day.  Here’s what was happening in my kitchen this morning:

I cracked open 2 eggs & tossed out the yolks.

I added 2 tablespoons of water to the egg whites.

Then 1 scoop of BSN’s Cinnamon Roll protein powder. I’ve found that BSN cooks the best.

I added a teensy bit of vanilla extract since her recipe called for vanilla protein powder & I used the cinnamon (plus, vanilla makes everything taste better).

Next, I sprayed the waffle iron with Pam.

I poured the batter onto the waffle maker…

I can’t NOT make a mess!

While that cooked, I made the ricotta topping.  I measured out about 1/4 cup. (okay, okay, a heaping 1/4.  I love this stuff! What?!  I’m Italian.  Don’t judge ;))

I added in some cinnamon to this for some flavah…

I also mixed in a tablespoon of sugar-free syrup to make it into some sort of maple-y cream.

I knew the waffle was going to be great before I even tasted it.

Hello Lover!

I topped it with the cinnamon maple ricotta and some more syrup…

This puppy was gone in about 2 minutes.  I had to make another one to pack for lunch.  Yes.  I’m having it for lunch too :).

Thanks Genie!!! Waffle for lunch = Happy Mindy


19 responses to “Genie’s Protein Waffles!

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  2. one word… YUM!!!!!!!!!!!! can we do breakfast at your house? soon!!!!

  3. I like the pancake idea. I wonder if you could put the ricotta cinnamon topping as a filling. I’m trying to think if that would work, or if it would be a weird mess.

  4. I have been meaning to buy that protein powder! Is it really what all the hype says? Is the taste decent? What else do you make with it?

    • BSN’s Lean Dessert protein powder cooks the best. As a shake, I don’t think I’d like the cinnamon roll flavor. I do use the cinnamon in protein pancakes and now waffles. The vanilla cream & chocolate coconut taste like heaven! Best flavor, bake great. Myofusion’s milk chocolate is also a great shake but I’v e never cooked with it…

  5. It’s official-I need to buy a waffle iron!

  6. ok i know i wasnt so open to want to try the protein muffins, but i may be sleeping over one night for this breakfast!

    • LOL! It’s okay. I saw your face when we took them out of the oven & they were mini gargoyles 🙂 You have tried some pretty scary “Madge’s Crazy Concoction Recipes” back in the day! Um, sleep over FRIDAY!!! (tomorrow ;)) We are doing a winery trip this wekend….any takers?!

  7. I don’t have a waffle maker, but have been thinking about trying these in my little sammich maker:) Looks yummy!

  8. My waffle maker always explodes and oozes out waffle mix. I like it better though because that means I have a humongous waffle!

  9. WAHOO! Glad you likey! I make a mess w/ my waffle iron, too. And those suckers are hard to clean!

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