That’s A Whole Lotta Wall

Okay.  I have a few design dilemmas.  I have a raised ranch home.  On the sides of the house, there are no windows at all.  The dining room & eat in kitchen area have really high ceilings in addition to zero windows.  I have a whole lotta wall.  The scary off-centered air conditioning unit will be gone this summer. 

And yes, the ugly ceiling fan is going in a few weeks…

Design Dilemma #2.  My mancave of a den has a massive ledge that spans the entire length of the room (also with no windows on the back wall.  I don’t want to clutter it with nick nacks, but I can’t just leave it blank.


It's lookin sad down here

Someone help me decorate this boring house (include inspiration pictures!).


18 responses to “That’s A Whole Lotta Wall

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  4. I don’t have any sources but I wanted to say your home looks so open and inviting! I love all the space but I agree with you sometimes it’s hard to find what to do with it.

    In the man cave, I feel you on not wanting to fill up the ledge with nicknacks but maybe you could prop up some framed artwork. I think some floor length curtains could help warm up the area around the window. I know they can be expensive but they do add a bit of drama. Otherwise the man cave looks great to me. Less is more and I think you have to looking uncluttered which is a great thing!

    For the dining area – those mirrors would look great up on the wall spaced out above the cabinet. I think once the AC is gone you’ll feel like you have a better grasp of what you want to do to that wall.

  5. Hmmmm….that dining room is tricky. I’ve got nothing right now.

    As for the man cave, what about some framed vintage posters in different heights…or subway art. I’m too lazy to look up pictures for you but maybe the idea will help. I don’t think you would need to put anything on the wall with the window if you did some kind of window treatment….valence (which I usually don’t love but might actually look good in this room) or roman shades.
    Hope this was a little helpful…tricky spaces suck!

    • I hate valences too. I’m ok with the window being blissfully bare, I included that picture to show how frikkin big that ledge is…it wraps around the whole room! I love the idea of large frames on the back ledge!!! Thanks for your ideas!

  6. Paint that half wall a color you love.
    And get plain canvas from the craft store and paint them however you’d like to add decor to that huge plain wall too.

    • I don’t think I can commit to a color on the wall downstairs! Hmmm… maybe I can! Downstairs isn’t my main concern though, that monster wall is an issue (and that A/C unit is an even bigger issue). Thanks Amy, your place looks fantastic!

  7. your home is very warm, never boring!

  8. Oh you have a lovely amount of space. I think before you decide on anything, you need to figure out your theme. It helps you stay focused and sort of organized when you are looking for artwork. I used to work at Ethan Allen when I was a kid, and it seemed one of the first things the designers would sort out is what kind of message do you want the room to send, then pick a focal piece, that serves as inspiration and then work from there. So what are your rooms saying to you?

    • I guess I’d describe our home’s style as modern/eco/smart with a touch of sparkle 🙂 hee hee! We’re pretty laid back people, I want the room to feel inviting, interesting & alive!

      • Right now, it looks to me that, you have a pretty open pallet. Mostly neutral with moments of blue. I would bring more colors into the room. You could bring accessories with varying shades of blue (from teal to aqua). The only problem is that can get monotonous, plus feel restrictive. I know we both like the maps idea, so I take a peak at this one Design*Sponge Maps. It could go with decor, and there is a sense of whimsy an character to it. Add pictures of your journeys and you have integrated more of your traveler’s spirit into it. But really you have tons of options.

      • Such a cool idea. We also share the love of Design*Sponge! The photos dwn there are actually all of places we traveled to together, so we are definitely thinking alike 😉 I might incorperate your idea with Michelle’s idea of large framed posters. We’ve been collecting ski resort maps when we visit them. Plus they are mostly different blues & white! Yay!

  9. Here’s a picture 🙂

  10. Big wall mirrors in dining hall for illusion of open space?

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