An Unexpected Close Second

When I go on vacation, I usually pack the day of night before I leave.  I know this isn’t the best way to do things, but it’s how I’ve been doing it forever.  What?! I work well under pressure 😉

I told you guys, this being married and a responsible homeowner of 7 months stuff has made me a changed woman. This past trip, I made a list 🙂

I even packed so neatly, that I had a little wiggle room for my Uggs & blow dryer.

I mean, I impressed myself.  There was only ONE medium-sized (I didn’t even use the big one!!!) suitcase.  Not even the usual 2nd suitcase filled with shoes. No jumping on the suitcase to zipper it, no having to take out stuff to make it shut (like every single other time I pack!).  I was feeling so minimalist and paired down **cheesy smile won’t wipe off of my face**.

Until we got to Utah, drove to our house, and I took a shower. 

I got out, and went to put on my makeup for the night out.  I realized that I left most of it home. 

Neatly tucked inside an airline approved Ziplock baggie that was still sitting right on my bathroom counter.  UGH!

When we went grocery shopping, I reached for the cheapest thing I could find since I’d only be using it for a few days.  I grabbed the closest shade to my holy Chanel Mat Lumiere.

L’Oreal True Match liquid foundation.  It claims to be “super-blendable”. I figured, it’s better than nothing.  In my pessimistic, I-can’t-believe-I-frikkin-forgot-my-stuff-after-feeling-so-responsible-stupor I put myself in, I snatched up the bottle and paid the 16-year-old behind the counter at Walmart. 

I went home, showered & rubbed this lightweight gel-like liquid on my face.  To my surprise, it was super-blendable!  It far exceeded my expectations!!!  I really loved it! It’s super thin, so the coverage isn’t wonderful, but it blends like a dream.

Of course I went back to my Chanel when I got back home, but I have been using the True Match under my eyes and near my nose layered on top of the Mat Lumiere.  I love it.  Mix n match it baby!


20 responses to “An Unexpected Close Second

  1. I hate when I forget things like that! Kudos to you on that packing job though I long for the day I can make that happen! My boyfriend always teases me but truth be told all my stuff would fit in one suitcase. I blame him for my “extra bag for toiletries” needed for each trip – even if he only takes 1 bottle of 3 in 1 shampoo, some cologne and deodorant… and a toothbrush it still takes up valuable space for ballet flats right?

  2. I’m totes impressed on the packing list! I’m also one of those (pack the night before) people! Also thanks for the foundation rec! I’ve been looking to try a new affordable brand!

    And on another note: I’ve passed on a blog award to you… Please drop by my blog and check it out if you have time!

  3. That exact same thing happened to me once too i.e. makeup bag left behind! But think of it this way: you wouldn’t have discovered a new product (true match) otherwise 🙂

  4. Look at you miss organized with your list! Maybe I should start doing that since I always seem to forget something–I am always sure to pack an abundance of undies though, I get pissed off if I have to buy more when I have like 30 something at home. I pack the night before and day of, mostly b/c I have to pack a curling iron or straightener plus my contacts and glasses. I want to go on a vacation–are you going on another one??

  5. Sound like other than the make up you did an awesome job packing! Hope you had a great time.

  6. I’m slowly learning the list and pack light thing.
    I find that I forget more when I pack more…makes no sense. 😛

  7. I can never find my keys in the abyss that is my pocketbook. The other day, I had to set off my alarm to find my car in the Target parking lot. But the idea of being without my make-up sends a panic through me like you wouldn’t believe. It’s not that I wear a ton, but it’s just that I want to know it’s there should I need it. Security blanket?

    We share the same sort of “absent mindedness” affliction, huh? I am usually thinking of something else and I don’t pay attention.

  8. I actually love that foundation, but I forgot all about it. Thanks for the reminder!

  9. I always forget things…embarrassing. I always bring a suitcase that is 5 times too big because i think that I’ll buy more things when I’m back at home.

  10. LOL This is exactly what happens when I make lists and pack early!!!! I forget the essentials! When my parents pick me up atthe airpiort their first question is always “what do you know you forgot and where do we need to stop to replace it?” lol

    • Same thing exactly. Almost everytime I leave my house, I have to run back inside to collect what I forgot. Usually it’s my wallet, license, or coffee in the morning. (Occasionally I’ll forget my keys inside after I locked the door **YIKES!** or worse, forget to close the garage door when I go to work!) I swear my short term memory is non existent.

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