Trunk Show

I was driving home from work yesterday, and I needed to stop to pick up strawberries at the grocery store. I pulled into the parking lot, and realized there was a Goodwill shop next door. I went in just to see what kind of household randomness I could find. 

I saw a cool brass candelabra that I could paint a funky color, but it was $15.  (what?! I’m cheap!)  Then, I made my way down another aisle and came across an old, leather and brass trunk!  I fell instantly in love with it.  With a $6.99 price tag, it was not even a question if I was taking him home with me 🙂


I plan on buying a couple smaller versions to stack and maybe finish off with a lamp on top.  Since we love to travel, I felt like this would be a nod to that passion.  I really want our house to be a reflection of who we are and what we love.

I am going for a smart, global feel to this room. Kind of like this:

{IMG from}


For today, I stacked a few old books on top.

What was the best thrift store find you’ve ever snatched up?   I want to see pics too!


20 responses to “Trunk Show

  1. Thats awesome—congrats on the find 🙂

    Um, if I were to share all the deals I’ve found, I would be typing for the next hour and I love to comment but this girl has to relax and go to bed soon. I haven’t bought any new clothes since December and everything I have found has been at Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. including a $2 pair of jeans and $4 pair of Ralph Lauren wool pants

  2. Mindy love all the blogs latley your so creative who do you take after?

  3. I haven’t had such good luck in thrift stores, but my Mom is fabulous at the antique shops (which I suspect is just thrift shops with a fancy twist). She’s found quite a few milk glass pieces that she loves, like butter dishes and cups. Really you’ve got to have a good eye. A lot of people just put old furniture out on the street, so I’ve known people to take and refurbish them. I’ve seen some great rescue missions done with some new fabric.

    • I’m not brave enough to refurbish furniture, but I made my first thrift store purchase yesterday & it definitely won’t be the last 🙂 It’s like going to a garage sale though. I bought a milk crate from the 1920’s for 50 cents that we use as a wine rack! (check that out here)

  4. That’s a great and unique idea… I’ve never seen anyone do that before. Nice!

  5. It’s thrift store posting day!!

    That trunk is awesome! Makes me want to stop at the Salvation Army after work..

  6. Wow, what a great find! You are so crafty. I need to learn some things =)

  7. looks good!

  8. Thats an awesome find!

  9. great find! don’t you just LOVE a deal??? my best find was a wooden dough bowl for $1.50!!! i almost died!!!!! here are some pics!!!

    have a great day!!! 🙂

  10. Such a great find!!! I have quite a few old antique trunks that my mother restored years ago in my home. I want to find old suitcases for the same purpose that you are looking for them.

    I have yet to find a good deal at a thift store – the ones around here are so over priced even the Salvation Army! I can’t imagine anyone in need being able to afford stuff in there.

    I love thrifting though and giving old objects new life!

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