Simon Says

If you’ve been reading over the past week, our kitchen has been going through a bit of a transformation. Nothing drastic (I wish I could tell you that I painted my cabinets :() but I thought I was Martha and made some new curtains and hung some freshly painted artwork

{IMG from DIY Network}


Our cabinet space is less than roomy to say the least.  I needed some kitchen storage, and the Montgomery console table just wasn’t cutting it anymore.   It was nice to look at, but there was no place to stash anything. 

My mother-in-law and I paid a visit to Pier1.  I love that place! I could have gone crazy in there.  I actually spotted a light that I really liked too, but ended up with Simon!

Yesterday I got a phone call that I needed to pick up the new addition! 

We unpacked him, popped in the glass doors, & I loaded him up. 

Aint he cute? 

 I chose the Simon sideboard for a few reasons. 

1. I needed more storage.

2. I like the way the espresso wood contrasts with the green wall.

3. It’s counter height.

4. The shape is modern, but not futuristic.

5. I love the vertical lines in the glass doors.


I decided to put some of my white dishes, bowls, and mugs along with some lighter wood and stainless kitchen-y items in to free up some much-needed cabinet space.  I chose to put these specific colors in because they contrast with Simon’s dark tone. 


I placed some white plates with some cheerful citrus fruit for a colorful kick on top. 

I get happier just being in my kitchen!

Now, all I have to do is throw a few small pictures next to the new artwork and I think I’m done with that wall for a while 😉


35 responses to “Simon Says

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  2. I just ordered Simon to use as a media console in my living room. It is the perfect size for this application, and I can’t wait for it to arrive next Friday. We are losing the GIGANTIC old oak entertainment center for Simon and his simple, clean lines and smaller stature. In looking for pictures online to send to my sister-in-law, I stumbled onto your blog. Thanks for posting…love it!

    • I never thought to use it as a media console, sounds good to me! I hate large entertainment centers. Good move. The room will feel so much more spacious. Hope you enjoy it 🙂 I love mine. It is made really well.

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  5. I love it!!!

  6. love the artwork.. i want it!!

  7. Nice cabinet, I like the color too. My kitchen cabinets are dark expresso on the outer and black on the island.
    The fruit reminds me of warmer weather that is on it’s way!

  8. Oooooh…i loved loved loved that sideboard and those plates and that wall hanging…actually loved all of it….

  9. It looks just in place in your last photo – the canvas, the green wall, the stacks inside Simon. I like how it doubles as a storage cabinet and a display unit 🙂

  10. I love it. I think we have similar styles Mindy. The dark wood looks so perfect against that soft avocado color and lighter colored floor. Really gorgeous!!!

  11. Eat drink and be merry!
    Nice words to brighten up a room! or should I say a wall. lol

  12. Looking good! I still love that sign!!

  13. I love how your kitchen it shaping up!

  14. This looks amazing, what a great choice. I love that it displays all your dishes like art but is so useful at the same time. I think more kitchens need this over all beauty w/ duty added in!

  15. I love it! Looks great!

  16. We just painted them this color 🙂

  17. Mindy,
    I am redoing my kitchen is well and the color of your walls almost identical to mine. I am working on the little post about it…. BTW thank you for your tip regarding gravatar. Let’s see if it works!

  18. Ooh! I really like Simon!

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