Brighter Bed

Our master bedroom was pretty cozy & calming.  The silvery grey velvet was perfect for the chilly New England winter. 

Winter is coming to an end, and I’m thinking SPRING!  Our room needed some brightening up.  The grey seemed to be the same value as the headboard, so nothing about the bed really popped.  (Value -for those of you that may not know- is how light or dark something is.  If things are the same value, they would look the same if a photo was taken in back & white)  **Art lesson over**  LOL!

 I was wandering around HomeGoods this past weekend, and stumbled upon a lighter duvet which happen to match my curtains perfectly.  I scooped it up to the tune of $30.  It’s crazy how much brighter the room looks.

The plaid pattern is so subtle.  The criss-cross pattern in the bedding  echoes the criss-cross pattern in the headboard. It’s actually just shinier than the other parts of the fabric, there isn’t a change in color.  For some reason, the camera couldn’t capture that.

I still feel like something is missing in this room.  Any suggestions?


22 responses to “Brighter Bed

  1. Lindsey Cerrone

    You need new throw pillows, go to pier one I would put a pretty blue, maybe turquoise. I love blue and brown together. I would get rid of the pictures, and maybe put up pretty wall sconces (you can change the candles each season)

  2. i thinks it looks like a bedroom you can relax and breathe in… i wouldnt change a thing… its so fresh. i agree with the comment about adding some bright pillows if
    you want to add some color.

  3. How about replacing those pictures with some mirrors (hung a little lower)?… could probably find some at Goodwill and spray paint them. Kind of like this..

    As for color, I like what you have. You read my blog, you know I play it safe. But to me a bedroom should be a peaceful place. I think just adding some pillows in different textures and patterns to the bed (even in the same colors) would look good.
    But then again, I’m sort of boring. 😛

  4. I love the subdued vibe you have going in your bedroom. That’s the perfect atmosphere for slumber. But what about some pops of color? Nothing too distracting. Maybe a bud vase with tulips on the nightstands? Or maybe a floor vase by where the outlet is, fill it with artificial flowers. You could try a larger picture with soft pastel colors over your headboard. I think the idea is add color without it conflicting with your decor.

  5. your bedroom is beautiful. I can’t wait to own a home or have a rental that I actually want to redesign our bedroom. The most fluff we do is a new comforter set etc. Since no one sees our room we usually focus our money on other areas of the house. That being said it would be nice to have an oasis like this to fall into each night.

    I can’t really think of a single thing you need in there – my only thought would be maybe a pop of color through pillows or a throw at the foot of the bed. Maybe a happy yellow or your favorite color to add some warmth. Otherwise it’s tranquil and I love it. Well done!

  6. Hmm…maybe some flowers…or striped table lamp covers….

  7. i love long-stand lamps. everytime my mum moves my lamps to drawing room , i move them back. try a wall painting in ur room with bright colors. It would be a good contrast to the calmness in ur room. I have one. And whats important abt it is that my mum painted it. an object like tht makes the room so special.
    and ofcourse, if ure a book lover, a nice book shelf is a must.

  8. You could change your lamps out to something brighter for the spring and summer. Or just put some colorful accent pillows on your bed and a brightly colored blanket strewn across the end of your bed. Area rugs would add color too!

  9. How about some mustard yellow to go in that room? Perhaps change something ever so subtly by putting a new (colorful) print in your two frames?

  10. P.S. Just saw a bunch of cool ones on Overstock!

  11. Oooh! It’s so light and airy! I could totally see a mosquito net canopy hanging over the bed!

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