Our Entryway Wall Moodboard

If you’ve been following along here on Finding Silver Linings, then you know about the Restoration Hardware mirror scandal.  After sulking around and whining to my mother, cousins, and husband, I pulled myself together and made a new moodboard to inspire me.  This one has a little more swank and a lot more sparkle 😉 Here’s what I came up with:

1. Rich Cream by Benjamin Moore is the color of that room.  This will provide a bright, warm, neutral background .

2. The Pierre Mirror from Zgallerie.com is exactly what I’m looking for.  A large, round, statement piece for the wall.  The geometric pattern is bold and a bit masculine, not frilly.  The graphic shape has just enough detail without overwhelming the simplicity. Plus, it looks like jewelry for the wall 😉

3. The Montgomery Console from Pier1 Imports.  We have this piece already, and just moved him to a different location since Simon’s arrival.

4.  Apothecary jars add shine but since they are clear, they don’t hold any weight visually.  Plus, I can fill them whenever I want a small change. They will find their home on the tray (#5)

5. A fuchsia serving tray would add a playful pop of color.  I love fuchsia mixed with metallics for a luxe vibe.  The tray can sit on the lower section of the console.

6. A textured silver vase loaded with pink & purple blossoms keep things feminine, but not over-the-top. This should sit on top of the trunks (#7)

7.  The stack of  trunks add a touch of vintage globe-trotting cool to this space.  It keeps everything from feeling too uptight & posh.

8. 2 Textured silver lamps will sit on top of the console to keep the look balanced and add some much-needed light to the area (there are no ceiling lights in this room).

9. A stack of deep brown & a couple of fuchsia hardcover books keep things looking smart & lived in with a touch of pretty color to tie it all together.

FSL will be churning out moodboards for inspiration (ala YoungHouseLove.com).  If you are interested in a personalized moodboard for your home, contact me here to discuss the details.

What do you think? Do you plan things out before you shop?  Or do you kamikaze purchase?

15 responses to “Our Entryway Wall Moodboard

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  2. I like your new mirror choice better than the RH one!

    I just slowly buy things and hope they work…if not, they head back to the store…I’ve gotten much better at keeping receipts! Your mood board looks great though!

  3. Oh I love your choices!!! They’re so fabulous. I am an impulse buyer for small things, and I plan out the larger pieces. But I am also loving the virtual mood board. I think I am going to get a physical one. I love the inspiration they provide.

  4. I have to plan things out before I shop – especially on the main items – otherwise it will be a cluster mess! 🙂

  5. I have a decorator’s mind, so I know what will work where when I am out shopping. I love putting things together and decorating my house!

  6. Girl I wish I was this organized. I love it such a great group of items!

  7. me three!

  8. I like this mirror much better for that room!!

  9. I always plan things before I shop and it never goes according to plan. I love that mirror too! Seriously please come furnish my house next year….

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