Apartment Crush…

I totally have a crush on this apartment.  I had to do this post.  I stumbled upon Tina’s blog by accident.  I was inspired so much, I had to share it with you guys. 

I first got sucked into her house tour (for, like, an hour).  Oh. My. God.  Here’s a sample:




MMMMKAY?  Yeah.  Thought so.  Gorgeous. 

That artwork above the dining room console (the girl blowing the bubble)  I LOVE! 

After I wiped the drool off of my keyboard, I clicked a tag in her sidebar labeled “DIY”.  That, my friends, was the end of me. 

I am copying  stealing borrowing so many of these ideas!!  The satin trimmed curatins!  GAH! 

I should just copy & paste this link onto my “To-Do List” page.  Seriously. 

I was left with no choice but to add Tina to my Link Love Blogroll to your right——>

Be sure to check out her DIY tag button.

Have you found any great home DIY sites or blogs?  Please share them!


8 responses to “Apartment Crush…

  1. I’m with you Mindy, so gorgeous! Except, I think I’m in love. I think it’s serious too…..

  2. This is totally awesome! But I would be a freak cleaning that place!

  3. I think this is what I love the most about blogs…you can snoop in people’s houses without being all creepy and peaking in the windows. 😛

  4. The 3rd pic. Love. ❤

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