Painter’s Remorse?

I was stalking over at Apartment Therapy and I saw this post

In light of my recent obsession with chalkboard paint and drawing/writing on my walls, I’m starting to wonder if all I needed was a mirror & a couple of really cool window markers.  Yikes!  Somebody please talk me out of this negative thought spiral and tell me I made the right choice!


7 responses to “Painter’s Remorse?

  1. Nah I prefer your chalkboard wall Mindy. Probably I saw this in movies before, writing on mirrors using lipstick. So it wasn’t really a novel idea to me. 🙂

  2. Min.. the chalkboard wall looks great! don’t worry..

  3. You totally made the right choice. This works in a pinch and you could probably use it say in your bedroom/bathroom as a quick reminder but I love the chalkboard wall and your artwork is awesome too! Smile and be happy – you did a kick butt job~!

  4. I use dry erase markers to write on hotel mirrors!

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