Yankee Stadium Is In Our Kitchen! (part 1)

Well, sort of.  If you’ve been following along around here, you know that I attempted to paint a chalkboard wall in our kitchen.  My nearly nonexistent patience was tested because chalkboard paint takes 3 days to dry & harden.  It was worth the wait! It dried a really deep matte black.  Perfect.

I read the reviews of this product on a few different websites, and decided not to “condition” it.  Conditioning the chalkboard meant I had to rub chalk all over the entire thing, then erase it.  No thanks. 

I skipped straight to the fun part, duh!  I am a 5-year-old.  I’m okay with knowing this about myself.

We are hosting a surprise 40th birthday party tomorrow.  The guest of honor is a huge NY Yankee fan.  I decided it would be a fun idea to draw Yankee Stadium at night (since the background is already black).  So, I gave it a shot.

I googled “Yankee Stadium scoreboard” and based the top part of the drawing off of this picture. 

I had to tweak the angle a bit because the wall is only 2 feet wide, and I wanted to squeeze in some words on the scoreboard. Chalk ain’t easy. I’m happy with it as long as people can tell what it is.

His favorite drink is Blue Moon beer.  I wanted to personalize it as much as I could, so I turned the moon into the beer’s logo.  I had “Happy 40th Birthday” then “Guess who’s 40” drawn in lights on the scoreboard, but both were crooked. I was really tired, so I erased it, and that was the project for Wednesday night. 

I tackled the bottom half last night.  Hear (and see) all about that fun stuff in the next post.


9 responses to “Yankee Stadium Is In Our Kitchen! (part 1)

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  2. That’s really awesome! You can really draw…..wow!

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  4. I just saw part two (somehow) and I LOVE IT!

  5. Mindy! that looks awesome! I cant wait to see it up close tomorrow night!

  6. Very cool! Great job:) I could never draw something that good!

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