Yankee Stadium Is In Our Kitchen! (part 2)

After I painted our kitchen wall with chalkboard paint, it was time to get ready for the surprise 40th birthday party we are hosting tomorrow.  I attempted to draw Yankee Stadium the new drawing surface.  I didn’t get very far Wednesday night.  I made a few mistakes, erased them, and ended up here:

Last night, I had some work to do.  I wanted it to be more personalized, so I decided to include the guest of honor in the drawing.  There’s too much pressure to get somebody’s face perfectly accurate when drawing a portrait, and I was too pressed for time. 

 I took the easy way out (hey!  At least I admit it!).  I drew him in the stands wearing a jersey with the number 40 on the back of it (he’s turning 40).  The birthday boy has a pretty distinct hairstyle (or lack-there-of).  His head is completely shaved.  I wrote his nickname on the back of the jersey.

I tried to make the grass appear like the signature checkerboard lawn at the baseball field, but didn’t really pull it off.  But at least it’s green & it resembles grass, LOL! 


It’s still not completed.  I have to add the bleacher seats and some fans.  I guess this post is going to have to be a 3-parter.  Sorry guys. 

What birthday message should I write on the scoreboard?  Any suggestions?

7 responses to “Yankee Stadium Is In Our Kitchen! (part 2)

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  2. This is amazing–what a fabulous idea! I’m sure your friend will love it and feel honored so matter what.

    And now I want DD!

  3. That’s a clever one, drawing his back instead 😉 But you did a great job adding a personalised touch.

  4. I’m impressed with your drawing skills…what a great birthday gift!

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