Decisions Decisions

We are facing a very big decision here at casa FSL.  After our little accident Saturday, we need to buy a new computer  or I won’t be able to live!

We need to decide whether we want a laptop or a desktop.  Both have pros and cons.


Pros: portable, doesn’t take up much space

Cons: not as much memory as desktop, doesn’t have a real mouse, stuck in one place


Pros: We’ll probably get the ball rolling on our “office” if our desktop needs a home, more memory, we’ll hook up our printer finally.

Cons: Stuck in one place, could be clunky.

Another big decision is Mac or PC?

This one is huge. 


Pros: We looove the sleek look of Macs, they are geared toward creative types (ahem ;)), they don’t contract viruses.

Cons: We both have had PC’s forever, so we’d have to learn a new way to do things. Pricier.


Pros: We are used to PC’s interface. I love to right-click (I am odd). They are less expensive.

Cons: Not as sleek,  can easily contract a virus.


I really need your advice on this one.  Please be specific in you reasons for your decision.  I’m assuming you are all tech savvy, or at the very least computer people.  We are really stuck.  Please help us weigh out our options…


19 responses to “Decisions Decisions

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  2. Definitely a laptop and definitely a PC!! For me there’s no choice to make between a laptop and a desktop. As far as the Mac, Nancy is right! You’re paying extra money for nothing! Basically the same programs, same functions, same features. Whatever you decide upon, I hope you love it!

  3. Bummer on the beer spillage. Some people…
    We have a desktop, a laptop, and a netbook. I always choose the laptop. I like it because I can use it anywhere. Our office is about 6 feet from my couch and that is still too far to use the desktop…and my office is chair isn’t nearly as comfy.
    As for the Mac vs. PC…I’ve never owned a Mac so it would be hard for me to transition..but they are cute.
    Look at for computer deals….that’s where my husband usually buys from!!

  4. Hi Mindy!
    Excuse me for creeping on your blog for a second. I love my Mac. Yes, they are pricier, but my laptop lasted 7 years- totally worth the value. My sister’s laptop is on 5 years and counting. Our G4 tower is 15 years old and I installed all the updates and it still runs great. Though, they probably aren’t impervious to guinness, haha.
    The thing I like about macs vs. windows is the ease of use, especially with artsy/music type programs. The interface is much easier to work with and to me at least, the programs seemed better suited to work with macs. I really like the new mouse touch pad that apple has out right now- it’s so easy to zoom, scroll pages, and edit photos/music manuscript.

    That’s my two cents!

  5. Laptop, get a laptop! You can always get a portable 1G external memory hardisk and hook up with a mouse if you dont like the touch pad. Now you get both portability, space savings AND the memory capacity of a dekstop. And you get to blog in bed. Need I say more…..? (hehe….) About PC vs. MAC, sorry can’t advise because I haven’t owned a MAC before. If my current lappy every dies on me soon (touch wood) I would seriously consider a MAC because it looks cool and I can say goodbye to anti-virus software updates 🙂

  6. since you’ve loved pinky, why not just get another like her?

  7. I have an iMac and I love it. You can run a MS OS platform so you’ll be able to open PC programs. But I have a PC laptop too, it would slow down the Mac a little bit. But if you don’t need the PC so much go with the Mac, better environment to work in. If you need it to be portable get a laptop. But the iMac is not clunky at all. I also started a blog on tech stuff. I am slowing writing a series on what to look for in a computer when purchasing.

  8. So I actually just was in a similar situation, twinnies much?

    I love to right click too-I’m such a PC person. I would go with the laptop and get a wireless mouse that you can obviously add it. They aren’t expensive at all. I like my dell a lot, and Dell normally has a lot of online coupon codes. I would go the route of purchasing it online so that it has everything you want in a computer.

  9. Hey chica. I’m here…just lurking. Just so happens this is my cup o’tea 😉

    Save your $ and go with a regular PC. MACs are sleek and “fun” but same apps are readily available for PCs and cheaper. MACs don’t get viruses because it is those very MAC geeks that HATE Bill Gates that create the Windows Viruses, fyi , lol , and PCs can be free of virus with appropriate Anti Virus software.
    You’d be surprised at how regular PCs have evolved in terms of esthetics and memory. You can get really “sleek” looking ones now and get an external mouse and plug right into it 🙂
    Let me know if you have other questions 🙂

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