My Laptop Drank A Beer

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled blog post for this emergency notification.


Unfortunately, I am not joking. 


My pretty in pink, bedazzled laptop was acting as our dj at the party we had Saturday night.  Around 2 o’clock in the morning, one particularly tipsy  *belch* guest decided that she didn’t like the Kanye West song that was playing.  This should have been a clue that she wasn’t playing with a full deck.

She flopped down sat at the computer and didn’t even realize that she dumped her ENTIRE Guinness on our sparkly laptop.  The screen went black, and that was the end of it.  Yesterday I sat her in the sun to dry out, but  I already knew what the outcome was.  She was gone. I never did like Guinness beer.

All good things must come to an end I guess. 

I  had no idea how attached to it I was until it died!  I feel lost and detached from the world!  My worst fear about all of this is that all of my pictures are lost forever. 

The computer was acting funny a few months ago and my husband and I tried to copy as much as we could onto an external hard drive.  I don’t remember what we put on there, but I know our honeymoon photos are saved.  That’s what I was most worried about.  Thank goodness my husband is so good about taking precautionary measures.

I’ll be posting from another location for now.

It’s going to be sad around here until I get another computer….

RIP Pinky 😦


Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else?  How did you recover your computer data?  How did you cope?  Please help!


13 responses to “My Laptop Drank A Beer

  1. I just recently starting backing up after seeing that SATC episode too many times. Now, I try to put everything on a flash drive (at least my music, thats what I care most about since I keep all my pics on photobucket)

    But yeah, wow, that blows. Was she a friend of yours? I would be uber pissed off. Good luck and hope you get Pinky 2 soon!

  2. Awww, so sorry to hear about what happened top Pinky 😦 Very glad your honeymoon photos are safe *phew*!

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  4. OOH no. That laptop was so cute. Um-I love guiness though but that is certainly not okay. ha.

  5. Oh goodness, I would be so upset at that girl.
    I had to get a new laptop recently too because mine was acting funny, but thankfully nothing was lost.
    Do you store your pictures somewhere online like Shutterfly or Kodak Gallery? If so, then you’d never lose them.

  6. Argh!! I’ve had the same thing happen to a digital camera. My friend dropped it in her glass of beer.

    Either way, I stupidly tried to turn it on right away which probably fried it. I’ve heard people putting electronics in a bag of rice for up to 3 days… it seems to work 99% of the time with the digi-cams. I’m not sure about a laptop though 😦 UGH, I SOO know how you feel!

    • It’s been a few days, so I’m thinking it’s too late for the rice 😦 I’ve had this happen with my cell phone a few times (I dropped it in the toilet once & dropped it in traffic once). I’ve also gone through about three ipods (ipod + swimming pool + sad Mindy). This is the most devastating of all.

      Thanks for comiserating Nance!

  7. OH NO!!! Girl I am so sorry! I get so freaked about stuff like this. We usually use our ipod around our “tipsy” friends, less chance of spilling and ruining – and we try to keep it away from others. Or we use the music through comcast cable channels.

    My boyfriend’s entire mac got fried when a friends cat spilled water all over it. He was able to get his stuff off the computer. Before tossing yours maybe see if somewhere can move everything over for you. I think Best Buy can try to do that for you [if you purchase a new computer from them]. Just as an in case. I’m glad your hubby back it all up as much as he could. This reminds me I need to do the same!

    Just think, this is horrible but think of the bright, flashy new computer you’ll be getting… [maybe you should make home girl w/ the heavy drinking hand pay for it!].

    Note: I would have flipped out. Sorry you’re having to deal with this girl!

    • Kells, I don’t even think homegirl knew she spilled the beer in the first place. UGH! I’m actually psyched to be on the hunt for a new computer! I didn’t flip out because I didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable or upset. It’s just an object (okay, it’s my favorite object on the planet) but it was time for an upgrade anyway. *sob sob*
      Thanks for the Best Buy info! We have a credit card there so we’ll probably end up getting our new one at Best Buy. There’s hope for getting our computer stuff beck! Great news.

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