Banana Protein Pancakes

I am a chocolate lover. I am obsessed with coconut flavored anything.  But when it comes to pancakes, banana pancakes are my favorite.  When I eat these, I know I am starting my day the right way!

Pancake Batter:

 2 egg whites

2 T water

 1 scoop of BSN’s cinnamon roll protein powder (although you could probably use vanilla protein with some cinnamon sprinkled in, even chocolate might be a fun twist)

 1/4 of a banana (plus another 1/4 to slice  up later)

I threw it all into my Magic Bullet. 

 Blend it up!

Hit your heated frying pan with a shot of nonstick spray.  Keep the heat medium to low.  Protein powder burns easily.

Pour  half of your pancake batter into the pan, then add some sliced bananas.

You’ll know it’s time to flip the pancake over when you see bubbles.

Cook for a little bit more, until golden brown….

Are you liking my fancy china?  LOL! Paper plates = no dish washing for Mindy 😉

Add about 1 tablespoon of agave nectar on top.

This adds just a bit of sweetness without the strong maple taste.

Makes two 8 inch pancakes, serves one.


What are your favorite kind of pancakes?

6 responses to “Banana Protein Pancakes

  1. MM, sounds yummy! I’ll have to try!

  2. All I can say is lets be pancake bffs for real.

  3. Oh holy monkey this sounds good! Thank you for posting.

    I usually just like plan and simple pancakes, sometimes w/ strawberries but ever since Jack Johnson sang about Banana Pancakes I’ve been wanting to try them. Thank you for a healthy alternative.

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