Is It Too Soon?

Uh oh. 

When we first moved into our house, we had no furniture.  I had an idea what I wanted our house to look like, but had no idea how I was going to pull it off. 

I’ve been looking around at our house a lot.  Especially since that was all I did on my little sick vacation over the past 4 days.  I had a lot of time to think.  That’s usually trouble. 

Our bedroom is a gorgeous color.  Driftscape Tan by Benjamin Moore.  It changes from a velvety brown in the morning to a rich purple at night.  Gorgeous.  I want to change it though.  Our headboard kind of blends in with the wall. 

 I think our room would look fresher with a creamy grey palette ala House*  (Yes, I know I’m a copycat.  I just want her entire room!!!).  I think our warm colored hardwood  floors would look great with this paint…


What do you guys think?  I know my husband won’t be thrilled with a paint change already, but I’ll do all of the work 🙂  I like painting.  Our blue-ish headboard would look luminous against a dark grey wall, plus I could easily change any pops of color I want whenever.  Grey looks great with all colors.  This purplish brown, mmm not so much. 

Am I just freaking out?  Should I leave it alone?  Should I change it?  HELP!


16 responses to “Is It Too Soon?

  1. Painting gets really expensive, so it’s not just about the work that goes into it. I definitely like the color of your room, but I also like the other color. You could always add something on the wall behind your bed if you need a little more contrast. I don’t think it blends, but then again I’m sure it looks different in person. Just keep in mind that you are going to be feeling different colors based on your moods every day, you don’t want to get in the habit of making changes everytime you aren’t exactly feelin’ it!

  2. It’s a really muted purplish brown isn’t it? But I think if you paint it gray, you may regret it. Only because it may become too monotone and you may tire of that easily and considering color therapy gray is a color that brings your energy down, it tends to have a drab feeling to it and drains you (think prison cells, their painted gray for a reason). So I hesitate to say paint it gray (ironic because I love gray). But that’s just my opinion.

  3. I like the dark gray wall but I think I like the color of your room better. Your bed is so pretty. Really the whole room looks awesome. You have done a great job decorating it.

  4. Do it!!! LOVE that color!!

    • Right after we painted the whole house, I second guessed EVERY paint color. I always gravitate to a grey palette. My house’s color scheme is pretty much light, creamy earth tones. I guess I didn’t do the chalkier palette because my husband and I couldn’t see eye to eye about painting all of the trim white. I only like the milkier colors if it’s contrasted with a crisp white border. I really think that dark grey would work in our bedroom though. I hate being so indecisive!!!

  5. I totally dig the dark grey wall, Mindy! I say go for it 😉 I’ve seen this trick many times, painting each room, one wall only with one themed color. Somehow it adds a touch of “space” and style into the room. Amazing how some color can do to the overall look 🙂

    • I’m so torn!! I think just one wall dark looks nice too. The room feels heavy. In the winter it was nice, like a warm fuzzy blanket, but now I want an airy feel. AAAH! I can’t paint every season! What’s a girl to do? Ha!

  6. I love your room! I say if you want to switch the color go for it. Paint is the cheapest way to liven a room and if you do all the work then it’s twice as OK 🙂 But I will say I love how tranquil your room looks.

  7. Lindsey Cerrone

    Just paint the one wall behind your headboard

  8. oh leave it! I love it. so pretty!

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