3 Vases Found A Home

Remember those clear wall-mount vases I scored from CB2?

See that post here.

Well, 3 of those puppies have a new home on one of our walls. 

Here’s the wall before:

I picked up a bunch of fabric calla lillies from Michael’s Crafts for like $5.  I snipped them & popped them into my new favorite vases. 

I put a strand of pearly beads in the bottom of the vases for some  visual interest.

I like the idea of repetition, so 3 in a row sounded nice to me :).  The vases are 7 inches long and the flower blooms are about 4 inches high.  I measured about a foot between each nail I hammered into the wall.  This seemed a tad close at first, but I’m okay with the way they look.

Sorry about the night-time shot, I’ll have to snap a picture when it’s bright and sunny.

I did break one, they’re fragile lil suckers!    I have 2 left, and I’m wondering where they’re going to live….


8 responses to “3 Vases Found A Home

  1. I really like the organic look that shape projects. Really pretty Mindy 🙂

  2. You;re so creative Mindy! How did you come up with all these unique ideas??!!

  3. Wow they are so cute. You come up with the neatest ideas!!

  4. Great idea! I looked for months for a wall vase that I liked enough to put in my kitchen & finally found it last year. I would’ve been so thrilled to have one like yours. 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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