Kiss The Cook

I had to erase the chalk mural from the surprise party last week.  It got smudged from all of the traffic in the kitchen doorway. 

I wanted something fun & a little bit cheeky on the new chalkboard wall.  I also wanted it to be food or kitchen related (because it’s in our kitchen :))


 Okay, so it’s not as cool as a full mural, but sometimes less is more.  Plus now there’s room to write appointments, grocery lists, and phone numbers. 

12 responses to “Kiss The Cook

  1. lol. I like the three words and would surely paint those on my kitchen wall in future! Only for my husband 😛 “Kiss the Cook” !

  2. I really like this chalkboard wall dealio. I just read your how-to post. I’m definitely bringing this up to the fiance — hopefully he likes the idea as much as I do! I NEED THIS!

  3. It’s cute and simple, I dig! I bet you are getting lots of kisses!

  4. This is so fun!!! i love it. I am stealing the idea!!!

  5. love that!!!!!!!

  6. LOVE this… I so want to do this! My friend I visited while I was home had one in his kitchen and while it was a house with three boys so you can imagine the writing on ti, it’s SUCH a great idea… especially for ppl like me who forget everything and need a BIG reminder ahahah

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