I’m Thinking Shelves

The other half of my unbelievably large, empty wall is nekkid. (Pay no attention to the hideous ceiling fan.  That thing’s getting the boot soon) Read more about that sad bare wall story here.

I’m thinking I want 3 shelves ala Young House Love’s first house.


I know that I want 3 shelves in this space.  What I don’t know is what color.  At first, I wanted white. My paint color is similar tho theirs, and I love how clean and fresh they look. Black shelving popped into my head for a second, but then I thought it might look cheap.   I looked around at all of our wood trim all around our house and now I’m leaning toward buying wood shelves and staining them to match all of the other trim.  Ideally, I’d love some worn looking salvaged wood to coordinate with our wine rack (which was a tag sale score at the cost of 50 cents!).

I like the idea of old-looking wood to try to keep a raised ranch looking more charming rather than *yawn* contractor & cookie cutter. 

Does anyone know where to find salvaged wood for cheap?  I’ve found that it’s more expensive than new wood (which I thought was odd). 

Thoughts? Suggestions?


7 responses to “I’m Thinking Shelves

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  3. Maybe you get new wood and distress it yourself? Here’s an
    example of how you could do it

  4. We have those style shelves in my house and I think they are adorable. I like the wood idea-that would look really cool. We have white and it’s in front of a light greenish wall so wood might make us look like the wilderness adventure gang at my house ha.

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