I Drink Bad Wine


We had 3/4 of a bottle of Cabernet left over from the party last week.  I threw my favorite sparkling, dazzling, glittering, iced out wine cork into the top,

 and put it in our wine rack.

My husband is a baseball coach, and last night they had a game.  He comes home late on game nights, so I popped off the blinged out wine stopper and poured myself a glass (and thoroughly enjoyed it ;)). 

It was a pretty big bottle, and I knew I was not polishing off the entire thing, so I did what I do best. Enter google.  I searched “how long does red wine keep once opened”. 

Well, well, well.  As it turns out, this is apparently common knowledge in the vino connoisseur world.  Winos everywhere know that this stuff is technically “bad” after being opened for just 3 days -even if it’s re-corked.  Aaaaand it’s supposed to be refrigerated -even if it’s red! 

I always thought: the older the wine, the better!  What gives?! 

News to me!! I know you keep whites in the fridge, but reds?!

Beer & “girlie” bottled drinks are refrigerated, this I know.

What?  You guys actually keep food in the fridge?!? 😉

Did you already know this?  Are there any wine experts out there?   Will anything disgusting or horrible happen to me if I continue to drink “stale” wine?


18 responses to “I Drink Bad Wine

  1. Red wine turns after it’s been opened. As soon as air hits it, the process will begin. If you smell it and it smells like straight up vinegar — it’s gone bad. I wouldn’t drink wine after it’s been opened for any more than 2 or 3 days. I bet you won’t make that mistake again — one time is all it takes!!

  2. i drink bad wine too and i love it :), but we do have a wine fridge now where we keep both reds and whites in.

  3. I knew never to put red in the fridge but never knew it wasn’t good after 3 days of opening. I’ve had it before loooooong after 3 days and it was “ripe” to say the least but I’m still around 🙂

  4. i wish i knew this because i am guilty of drinking a glass of red wine that was opened last week…… EW! i too googled how long it is good for and couldn’t find this info out, so i just drank it… OK so note to self no more than 3 days, and put it in the fridge…. let’s see how this works out

  5. I guess it makes sense that it has some sort of shelf life, but dang it’s booze, booze is suppose to keep things fresh. At least in my world it’s supposed to. So I don’t care what Google tells me, even if it’s not fresh (not like it has bubbles, besides champagne) I’m drinking it. And somewhere a sommelier has passed out because of what I just said. Oh well…

  6. Please…I rarely put the red wine in the fridge and it stays around my house MUCH longer than 3 days after opening. I’m still kicking. 😉

    The chocolate wine…so goooooood!

  7. do I spy a chocolate wine? I always wanted to try that!

  8. It’s rare that we have red wine left over in our house. I drink both red and white but the boyfriend only likes Red. So if there is some left I hand it over to him. I did know that it goes bad shortly after opening it – I’ve tried stoppers but unless you drink it the next day you can usually smell that it’s gone “skunky” or at least I can.

    My whites go in the fridge, along with beers. My rum goes in the freezer. I just like it to be extra cold when I mix up my Captain n’ Diet Cokes on the weekends. Makes for less ice needed in the long run.

    I’ve started buying the cheaper, mini 4 packs of wines for random weekend hang outs and to keep the kitchen stocked. Often times a recipe will call for a splash or cup of wine – I don’t want to open a whole bottle and down it that night so when I use these little ones I can use what I need and either keep it for another recipe or fix myself a small half glass of wine. WIN/WIN!

    • Great idea to keep minis for cooking. So useful. My husband only likes reds too. The lush I like both of course 😉 We keep Jager & blackberry brandy in the freezer. Thanks for the tips!! I should have know beter. I should have just asked Ms. Cocktails & Cardio 😉

  9. When I was learning to cook with wine when we lived in California I found this out.So I always after opening a bottle of red to cook with put it in the fridge and try to use it within the week. I think cooking with it is a little different than drinking it so it can stay longer if doing that. I also read that if the taste doesn’t bother you you can drink it even after a few weeks but it is best to refrigerate it.

  10. My reds don’t go in the fridge! Heck no! LOL! I use a Houdini wine stopper! 🙂 I got mine on Amazon. LOVE IT!

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