Coming Up Daisies

In my quest to constantly have some form of fresh flowers (or really any vegetation at all) living here at casa FSL, I was buying (or getting surprised with :)) flowers every couple of weeks. Well, the last bunch of beautiful white roses finally kicked the bucket last night.

I was planning on running to the store to pick up a bunch of bright tiger lilies or blue hydrangea blooms.  Then it dawned on me, it’s APRIL.  No more procrastinating.  Spring is here. So, I made a small purchase (well, 2 small purchases) at Target for the sweet price of $5 total. 

 I am attempting to grow potted daisies. 

This kit came with seeds, directions, it even came with dirt (uh, kinda dirt) all in the happiest yellow bucket!

The seed packet guarantees the seeds to grow.  Here’s hoping, lol!

I filled up my measuring cup with 1 1/2c water

Next, I poured the water  into the bucket on top of “dirt pellets”

This was the weirdest thing!  As soon as the water hit the pellets, it grew like crazy!

I gave it a quick stir to make the “dirt tube”  (it’s a gardening term ;)) turn into dirt that actually looked like dirt.

The dirt in the bucket kinda looks like a muppet head or Mr. Potato Head.  Aaaah, I’m way too easily amused.

I emptied the seed packet onto the dirt.

Then pressed them into the soil.

My fingers are crossed!  I hope it’s sunny this weekend!

Daisies used to be my favorite flowers when I was a hippie chick in high school (see that embarrassing hilariousness here).  I liked them so much, that I wanted daisy chains tattooed around my finger and my ankle. Thankfully, I did not. 


Do you grow your own flowers?  Got any gardening pointers?  Got any tatoos?!  I want the deets.


15 responses to “Coming Up Daisies

  1. Yay for daisies! I think I may have been overdoing it on the seed posts, so I’m gonna take a little break from those ones.. to start seeds for my outdoor garden! Really feeling like I went right over the edge. But isn’t it fun? 🙂

  2. I love the faces bahaha. I hope they grow quickly-I’m be sending my gardening skills to you (the umm little bit I pretend I have…).

  3. I like Daisy Gerberas they are so pretty. But I’ve killed one, so I’m afraid to touch them.

  4. That looks fun, I want to buy some! I love flowers but know absolutely zilch about gardening so I don’t garden but something easy like that, I can’t go wrong, right?

    I have one a half tattoos-one black and red set of dice on my hip and the other one is going through laser removal. I love mistakes that I make when I was 16 yrs old!

  5. I’ve always loved daisies too! I have never tried to grow them myself. We wanted to grow mix of wild flowers last year – I figured if they can sprinkle them by the road here and have them grow why can’t we do that in our front yard? Yeah apparently I have a black thumb, it didn’t work. I hope your daisies bloom fast!!!

    And yes I have tattoos – 3 of them. And to be honest I hate them all. Well, the morning glory [fave flower] on my ankle isn’t too bad but I’d love to have it covered up with something more “ME”. Live and learn!

  6. Love roses and daisies, good choices! I haven’t grown any myself so no tips I’m afraid, look forward to seeing the, grow 🙂

  7. I’m actually thinking about trying to grow a mini herb garden thsi year on my balcony! … i’m sure I’ll kill it, but it’s worth a shot no? ahahaha

    I have two tattoos, three flowers on my hip (to mirror-match my bff… oh to be 19 again!) and a big pink lily on my foot (which i would eventually like to add to!)

  8. I love gardening! I have a small little area so its more patio gardening, but I still enjoy it. My fave flower is probably the tulip, but I was a huge fan of the daisy back in the day too. In high school I had a pair of earrings that were daisies and probably the size on a baseball. They used to pull on my earlobes so much!

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