I’m in Garden Mode….

A garden that is mobile?!  I found this over at Houzz.com  and I’m in love with it!

Brian Patrick Flynn

It’s a definite DIY project & is now on my To-Do List.

Check out the whole project here


Do you guys know of any cheap & easy garden DIY projects?


4 responses to “I’m in Garden Mode….

  1. That’s a cute idea!!
    I want to try growing wheat grass indoors like this…

    I’m going to try it for a centerpieces for a friend’s bridal shower..if I can find the wheat grass…there will be a blog post, of course!

  2. I love it too. Girl, your to-do list is growing so huge. I think an indoor herb garden is nice, nice and useful. Do you think I could kill a bush, I mean herbs are mostly bushes, aren’t they supposed to be resilient?

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