If you are like me, and are obsessed with all things DIY, then you need to see this. 

Many blogs have done some sort of Ikea hack.  For those of you that never heard this term, here’s an excerpt from the site’s “ABOUT” page:

IkeaHackers.net is a site about modifications on and repurposing of Ikea products. Hacks, as we call it here, may be as simple as adding an embellishment, some others may require power tools and lots of ingenuity.

I am sucked in like a friggin black hole. It’s been hours, and the only reason that I am back to the real world (AKA blogging) is to share this link because I’m so excited I can’t stand it.

This bay window seat is on my To-Do List also.  It’s a bookcase on its side with cushions on top.

I’d add some fun cushions on top.  Maybe something like these from UrbanOutfitters.

I’m picturing it riiiiight here under this window:





Anything you’d like to Ikea hack?  Check the link, & let me know what you’re itching to make (or should I say re-make :))


9 responses to “IKEA HACKERS!!

  1. Wow that is really cool. If I want to waste time I most certainly know where to go hehe. That site is incredible!

  2. OK, I love this idea. I was just thinking Ikea this weekend too, get out of my head Mindy, it’s already crowded in there girl. And that 70’s cushion fabric is just too cute. I went to that site and now I want to make a vanity table. I know the furniture is going to fall apart, but guess what, that means I can get new stuff. Wohahahahaaa!!!!! The cycle of shopping continues.

  3. That’s such a fun site!! I need tools! LOL!

  4. I’ve always wanted a window seat!

  5. When did you put up the curtains? They look nice 🙂

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