Sneak Peek

It was a busy weekend for my husband and I.  We hung out with our  friends Mike & Marcie who happen to be insanely talented photographers (see their blog here).  They shot our engagement pictures and our wedding.

(Gratuitous Engagement & Wedding Shots! HAHAH!  I have no shame.)

We visited a haunted opera house that is going to be featured on the TV show Ghost Hunters in a few weeks! 

Here’s a few blurry phone pictures from our weekend…


Do you believe in ghosts?  Did you ever have a paranormal experience???

25 responses to “Sneak Peek

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  2. Wow, very beautiful! And you’re such a pretty couple!!

  3. I hate you….

    And by hate you I mean that I’m just jealous of your ridiculous beauty! 😉


  4. Oh my goodness you are so beautiful!! What a gorgeous bride!

  5. Can I vote for you all for prettiest blog couple out there? Hell, prettiest couple period. Seriously, I want to pet you all in hopes that the pretty will rub off on me.

    You look very Sophia Loren in that last pic, Love 🙂

  6. You two have to be the best looking couple ever, beautiful!

  7. That opera house looks awesome..but I’d probably pee my pants!

    You look so happy in that wedding it!

    • When I tell you I was a scardycat, it’s an understatement! It they has these “traps” set up all over the place. There’s supposedly a little boy that haunts it (among 17 other spirits that are said to be there) and the ghost hunters set out toy trucks and tennis balls in saw dust -to see if they move. So scary. One fell right in front of us. I swear, scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

      It was the most fun I ever had at a party! Our wedding was a blast.

  8. You two are such a pretty couple. I was thinking y’all look like something out of a banana republic ad.

  9. Wow you both look like a model couple in a magazine!! Gorgeous… 🙂

  10. Wow, you are gorgeous girl!!

  11. You look lovely and your wedding days look so romantic! I’ve never seen a ghost personally so I can’t day a def yes or no, I’m quite skeptical about that show after watching Derren Brownufy the lid on mediums you can fake it easily it seems. But never say never 🙂

  12. what a gorgeous couple!!

  13. You are such a model. I can’t get over how gorgeous you are!!

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