Seeing Green


Last night, I went to water my daisy seeds and I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Since I was on a gardening high, I planted herbs too!

Aren’t these baby pots so cute?!

Full blown photo shoot with my herbs

Grow little guys!  Grow!

15 responses to “Seeing Green

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  2. Yayyy…..I get excited with the first sight of green too! And I’m loving those little herb pots. With labels too 😉 Awesome, Mindy… 🙂

  3. Those pots are seriously adorable! When I planted a garden one year I was ecstatic.

  4. This is getting creepy….
    Love your pots!!! Let’s hope we’re both successful. 🙂

  5. Nice!!! I wish I had 1 % of your ambition and talent.

  6. Those pots are too cute!

    … I’ve been tempted to start a small herb garden! But I have a feeling one of those things will happen… I will kill them, or fritz will eat them ahaha

  7. The little herb pots are so adorable! I like that they are cute even before the green grows. You go girl! I can’t wait to plant some herbs outside. Last year we tried for cilantro – because I’m obsessed with it but it didn’t grow well. Basil on the other hand grows like a weed and I love it! HAPPY GREEN THUMBS UP GIRL!

  8. OMG! Those are the cutest little herb pots ever!

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