Teaser Pics

I got a few preview pictures from the photoshoot this past weekend.

The flowers were done by BLUSH Floral Design (see their blog here).  I was in love with this bouquet!  It was just gorgeous.  Here’s a photo of my bouquet from last Saturday I found on the florist’s website…

I know I gave everyone a sneak peek from our photo shoot  (see that post here) with the best photographers on the planet (check out their blog here) but Mike & Marcie emailed me this picture yesterday afternoon.  It is much better than my fuzzy phone pic (obviously)!

This husband and wifephotography team is amazing.  I can’t wait to see the rest of the shots! 


Isn’t it crazy how different clothes, hair & makeup can make you feel different?

Do you have a certain outfit or hairstyle that transforms you on the inside?

23 responses to “Teaser Pics

  1. totally GORGEOUS! LOVE these pics!

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  3. Very beautiful! And beautiful flowers in your hair.

  4. Oh.My.God.

    I am in love with your dress and your overall look. Seriously when I get married, I’m flying you in to make me look just like you.

  5. I love those pictures, they really are talented. Weddings are supposed to be your princess day. It looks like it was a great day for you, that’s so cool.

  6. That picture is fabulous!! Excited to see more!

  7. These photographs are beyond. I am so happy that I stumbled upon your blog!

    – s

  8. First off – girl you are gorgeous! And that dress is amazing. I actually swooned over the flowers! You have my favorites in there and feathers – a girl after my own heart. I can’t wait to see more.

    I don’t have a go to hair style that makes me feel amazing. I’m working on that – I need a hair cut in the worst way. I think right after I get it cut and styled I feel like I should be in a shampoo commercial flipping my head left and right. A great cut makes all the difference!

  9. The pictures are fantastic! I loooooove that bouquet.

  10. That pic is gorgeous, and you are so stunning!

  11. That pic is lovely! Some outfits just make you feel good and getting professional done for a shoot is bound to make you feel special.

  12. oh wow, you are gorgeous! I can’t wait to see more!

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