The Unthinkable.

I like to reply to comments and check out my favorite blogs on my lunch break.

This afternoon, the unthinkable happened.  My workplace blocked wordpress. 

I will repeat this to let it sink in.

 I. am. blocked. from.WORDPRESS. at. work.!!!!!!!

I’m so  bummed.  I can’t see mine, I can’t see any of my friends’.  Nevermind a post or upload a picture!

It’s going to be slower around here, that’s for sure. 

Did this ever happen to anyone?  How can I fix this without doing anything illegal? 

I’m totally throwing a tantrum fit.  First my computer at home gets drunk, now this?!  What the flip?!


16 responses to “The Unthinkable.

  1. Oh I am really sorry that happened. I hope you can figure something out.

  2. *keep my work life and personal life very separate–cannot think tonight!

  3. Um, that blows!!! I can access wordpress from work but refuse to since then they will be able to track my blog and I like to keep my work life and personal life very similar.

    Can you access on your phone and respond to comment that way?

  4. Oh that stinks, they’re monitoring you probably then. I left the DA’s office before they started monitoring emails and websites. It’s terrible, really terrible that it’s come to that. I am not sure of a work around, and if they are looking at what you do, it may not be worth it.

  5. Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry! That is seriously awful!

  6. Oh no that SUCKS! 😦

  7. Does using this work for you? As in have the “S” in http … is blocked, but it’s not blocked when I put the “s’ in there.

    Example: (the page loads, and lets you log in. As soon as you log in, it blocks you out again) just re-enter the and you’ll be logged in. That’s what I usually do lol

  8. Oh no! I’m blogger but I would be so upset if they blocked blogger at work. I only ever look in the AM or when I have a quick 10 minute break. 😦

    The one thing I’ve started doing is subscribing by email. At least that way it all comes into my in box I can read it and comment later if needed when I get home. [That’s how I read yours but if I want to comment I have to come to your page].

  9. Oh NO!!!! I would be so upset if my work place blocked WordPress!!

  10. This doesn’t help much with WordPress, BUT, if you receive comment notifications via email, you can just reply to that comment by replying to the email! I learned that on accident. 🙂

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