Big Wall, Big Art

So, I know I have been telling you all how I lust for the ZGallerie Pierre mirror.  I’ve made moodboards with Pierre in them, and yes I’ve printed out pictures of him and carry him in my planner (sick, I know). 

 Well, the $279 price tag, while still not absolutely out of the question, I made  an impulse purchase at HomeGoods yesterday. 

(Sorry for the poor lighting.  April showers have turned the skies dark grey)

It was only $50, and it is large and in charge.  It adds the purple punch of color I was looking for.

It’s floral, but not old lady-ish.  It’s bold, happy, and just a touch of abstractness to keep it modern. 

If When the day comes that there is a spare $270.00 + tax & shipping, I will own Pierre.  I’ll just move the new purple art to our bo-ring spare room.   He will be mine, oh yes, he will be mine.  Yes, that was a Wayne’s World quote. 

I think the new artwork is so perfect for Spring.

Have you made any recent purchases that add a spring-y feeling to your home?


10 responses to “Big Wall, Big Art

  1. Wayne’s World still rocks. My friends always yell out “Hi Waaaaaaayne, Hiiiiiiii” at random times, it’s awesome.

    I’m moving soon so no new purchases for me so I will live through yours!

    • I always quotw Waynes World & most people don’t get it….movie quote amateurs! My sister & I always say “A gun rack. What am I gonna do with a gun rack? I don’t even own Ah gun” LOL

      Are you moving near or far from where you are now?

  2. I love those flower canvases they are seriously pretty. I’m looking for cutesy pictures for my house next year.

  3. I love that print! It totally adds some nice color without being overwhelming.

  4. It’s cute. I wish I had a HomeGoods near me!

  5. Oh I really love it!! It is so pretty and I think the colors are great! You have really awesome taste in decorating.

  6. Not old ladyish at all, I love it! SO pretty and the price is the best part =)

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