What A Stud!

I keep talking about putting up some sweet shelving in our eat-in kitchen area (see post here).

I love the idea of using salvaged wood.  One crafty reader Danielle, suggested I distress the wood myself (and included this link).  I’m fortunate enough to live close to Urban Miners.

Here’s their mission statement on their website:

Urbanminers, llc Mission Statement

“To promote environmental and social sustainability by salvaging building materials and household goods and selling them at prices affordable to average wage earners, and to support these activities specifically in urban areas, recognizing those locations as essential to the long term sustainability of the economy and culture”

 Um, sold! I tend to get lost on this website on Sundays armed with a large cup of German Chocolate Cake flavored coffee.  I don’t dare go there unless I have something very specific I am buying, or else I’ll leave with an 1800’s fireplace mantel –for the record,we don’t have a fireplace  (don’t laugh, I seriously almost did this).

I was browsing their inventory and found these:

Here’s the site’s desription:

1850’s House Studs

Wall studs from a 1850’s house. 95″ long, 11″ wide. Still retains original tree bark. Very cool for making a bench. 50+ available. $20.00 each.
YAY!  I think I found my shelves!!  I have the week off of work next week.  This could be the big project!
I love putting things in my house that have some kind of interesting history behind them. 
What do you guys think?

10 responses to “What A Stud!

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  2. I like. ALOT!

  3. Those are so awesome! You have the best home ideas! I love coming around to see what you’ve been up to — it’s always something!

  4. Oh cool, those look like the perfect planks to start with. You know you can always make a faux fireplace. I’ve seen it done in person and it turned out really good.

  5. They’re perfect! Great find, great price, great for the environment AND what an awesome conversation piece. I can’t wait to see how you use them for the shelves!

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