What’s Better Than A Sale?

When you find something that you adore for FREE on craigslist!!

Can you tell I’m excited?  Just a lil bit…

I have been on the hunt for a desk to live in our empty room with only an ironing board office for quite some time now.

We had an ugly, black, generic Target desk circa 1999. There was nothing wrong with it, I hated it it was just kind of an eye sore. I had to do something about it.

I stalk craigslist.

Sometimes I hunt for something particular, but usually I just browse through the free category, then the furniture, then household just to see if anything piques my interest.

Sometimes it’s a fireplace mantle (I already mentioned the fact that we don’t have a fireplace in this post), sometimes it’s a picture for the wall, but usually, I don’t act on it.  My husband (who thankfully is always logical ) usually talks me out of it.

Well, yesterday, I did act on it. And I couldn’t be any more excited!!!

I found a free desk that had an interesting shape.  I thought I could turn it into something unique.  I was looking for a desk with an anitiqu-ish shape since we moved here 7 months ago.  I love the idea of putting a modern twist on something old.

 Money is pretty tight, so buying a new one wasn’t in the cards especially since we had the ugly black one.  It wasn’t a necessity. 

I  bothered my cousin to give me a ride with his truck to get it.  He actually ended up taking the old Tar-Jay desk home to live at his house. 

This is what she looks like. 

Structurally, it is a solid desk.  We needed a desk with drawers.  Plus, I absolutely love the swooping lines of the legs.  Cosmetically, though she was in need of some TLC. 

At first, I wanted to change the hardware, but after a few hours, they started to grow on me. I may keep them the way they are with the worn brass with the worn cream I will be painting them with brushed nickel spray paint (I bought it just in case).

I was thinking about painting her white, but then it might feel too cottage-y.  It just wasn’t what I was going for. I want a standout piece that makes the room.  I think that every room in a house needs to have one “Wow” piece.  I purchased the paint in the color she is going to end up.  I am suuuuuper excited!  I can’t wait to reveal it next week!

I’ve never painted furniture before (except for that time when I covered my desk in nail polish “art” when I was 12).

The next post will be my trial and error with this project.  It will either be a “What Not To Do” or a sweet tutorial, LOL!  Stay tuned for that…

I researched a few furniture painting tutorials, but I didn’t want to use a paintbrush and thick latex paint.  I thought it would get blobby in the little nooks & crannies. So,  I ‘ve I decided to do something that would make my father very proud.  I am going to spray paint it.


Have you ever painted furniture and loved the result?  Absolutely hate painted furniture?  Tell me about it!

24 responses to “What’s Better Than A Sale?

  1. Wow! When I was a kid, I had this entire bedroom set! I still have the night table which I have refurbished but I so wish I had held onto some of the other pieces =( You are a lucky girl, such a great find!

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  3. I love love love that desk and I want it !!!

    you are so lucky

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  5. I’m in love. Seriously. Extremely jealous.

    I’m excited to see what color you with! Good luck with the spray painting. I use a roller on most things only because I’m dangerous with spray paint. 😛

  6. what a great, great, great find!!! lucky girl. Have you been on the blog called
    Fresh Quince? She is the self professed Queen of Craigslist(although i’m sure there are a zillion contenders…..) but she has inspiration photos of Craigslist finds next to potential “afters”…….your piece looks like it should be your favorite mod/hip color. leave the hardware it is perfect for the piece, the distressed color of it is also great. Imagine the desk turquoise….or a beautiful blue. Just the right punch of color for a LV room. Please show the after!!!

  7. Thats gorgeous-I can’t wait to see what you do with it! Nice freebie find 🙂

  8. OMG! I see why you’re so excited, that desk is FAB! I’m your newest follower from Show ‘n Tell Friday. Come over & say hello sometime. Have a great weekend!! :O)

  9. I spray painted something once. The one thing you have to look out for is that it’s an even coat. So you have to spray and move in a slow but continuous way, you spray finger gets tired eventually. That and it’s harder to control.
    She is so pretty, you’ve got a great eye. I am so happy you found her, total gem. And when spruced up, she’s going to shine!

  10. Oh my goodness. That is adorable. You reminded me that I need to look for a desk of CL for school next year…or steal yours…both good choices.

  11. Oh I love painting furniture and I am Blessed that most pieces I have painted have turned out like I wanted. I am really excited to see how this wonderful desk turns out for you!

  12. Ooooo…..love it!!! And the fact that is was free….#winning!!!


  13. Holy crap girl – this is the most awesome free find ever! Make that most awesome craigslist find ever! Free or not it’s a beauty! I’ve been looking for one just like it around here – slim pickin’s let me tell you! I found one similar months ago for $50 but I just didn’t want to spend the money. Like you I have a desk so it wasn’t a NEED it was a WANT.

    I can’t wait to see what you do with it. I love painted furniture. If it’s an old antique and painting it might devalue it then no I don’t always love it, however even if it is an antique worth money, if you don’t love it in your house it’s not worth it to you. I say paint away in that case. The most that will happen is it gets handed down to your kids etc and in that respect if they want it they will already have memories and love it!

    I have a ton of stuff that I got when my mother passed away three years ago. Most of it I will NEVER, EVER touch because she either A) refinished it herself, she was amazing at that. OR it is in it’s original antique condition and worth more that way.


  14. Ummm I LOVE that piece!!! And free?! Yeah, fav word!!!

    After i moved out my mom painted all my old bedroom furniture. It was a basic, bland white and she painted it sunny yellow. It looks FAB

  15. That’s super cute and antique like! Good job =)

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