How To Spray Paint Wooden Furniture

It’s truly amazing what a little paint can do.  It can completely transform something from old and ratty to updated and fresh.

This tutorial is not the end all be all in furniture painting, it’s just how I did it.

I started with this desk. (click here to see how I got it)

The desk was stained, a little burned, and scratched.

I drove to Lowes and picked up primer, spray paint, clear sealant, fine grit sand paper, and tack cloth. I also bought satin nickel paint for the hardware (but I didn’t end up using this because I liked the way the original hardware’s finish looked). This all totaled up to about $25.  Sweet.

The first thing I did was remove all the hardware with a screwdriver.

I sanded the surface a little to get any previous sealant off.  In the places it was dinged or scratched, I used a little elbow grease and just sanded a bit more until it felt smoother.  I didn’t sand every inch.  It didn’t need to be perfect.

Remove all drawers and give the faces of them a quick sand also.

I used a sandpaper block because the it was easier to hold than paper, plus since it was flat, the desk top was uniformly sanded.

Run over the entire surface area with a tack cloth.  I didn’t know what a tack cloth was until now.  It’s like less-sticky fly paper that picks up all the dust from sanding.  Don’t skip this step.  If you have a dusty surface, the paint will stick to the dust, not the desk.

Be sure to do this in a well ventilated space (ideally outside).  Also, if you are at all concerned with the floor or grass you are about to paint on, be sure to cover it with a tarp.  Don’t end up like me.  Like me meaning in the dog house for a few days because you have successfully primed and painted your grass a lovely shade of Oceanic Blue.

Spray the primer on in long strokes.  Try to hold the can about 8 inches from the desk.  I put on 2 thin coats of primer.

Yes, I primed the grass by accident.

I waited about 10 minutes in between coats.

Don’t forget to prime the drawers too!

Next up was my favorite part.  COLOR!

When you spray paint the color on, use long, even strokes. 

(Before I got to this point I found random plastic in our garage to put under the legs in an attempt to save the lawn)

Don’t panic like I did when the paint looks like this after one coat…

After 3 thin coats, the streaks disappeared.

Again, don’t forget the drawers!

After the paint dries, It’s time for the clear sealant.  I chose a satin finish to try to mask the spots that I didn’t sand as well as I thought I did.

Evenly spray 2 coats of this stuff on the furniture.

I did my happy dance when I knew it was going to turn out nicely!  Our poor neighbors!

I let this dry for a few hours.

I am so impatient!

Screw on the hardware when you are sure it’s dry.

I am so happy with the end result, and even happier that it was so easy!

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  7. Great idea…my nana’s moving out of her house and she gave me some of the most hideous pieces of furniture…Thanks to you for giving me great ideas on how to make the pieces more interesting!

  8. Great job mama!! Featured you this week!

  9. After i use primer how long before i can paint?

  10. Your finished product look great! Just curious, how many cans of spray paint did you use?

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  12. Hello, I really like your step-by-step instructions. I am currently in the process of creating and posting a list of links for good “how to paint/spray paint furniture” tutorials on my blog;, and wanted to know if I could copy your link to this page? Thanks.

  13. this is lovely. I just love the color! Great job 🙂

  14. Are the paint, primer and sealer oil based or acrylic??

    Your desk looks so pretty n full of fun. want to paint the 1950s mahogany dresser n mirror I grew up with white for my granddaughter’s new bedroom in our home. Do u know if this same process works on a dark wood like mahogany??

    Your process actually makes painting furniture sound fun n affordable. Last time I tried painting furniture, the greatest impressions I made were on the ER Doc n the surgeon… The next time, I hired a professional refinisher n didn’t get a quote beforehand. I think the surgeon was less expensive.

    So — oil or acrylic based products?? Has anyone tried this on mahogany??

    Also — can wood furniture b painted w car paint?? If so has anyone taken their furniture to car repair places w their great painting abilities, pricing out this method n judging its long-term effects on furniture. I know its been used on outdoor metal chairs by Martha Stewart but I’ve always wondered, especially with today’s economy n everyone diversifying if car painting places can or do paint wood furniture… Anyone??


  15. sand the existing spray paint i already put on it, you mean (the blue and green, as shown in the picture?)

    i probably don’t need to do the legs because i don’t care about them as much. but the backs and seats..yeah. bad, bad, bad.

    i went out and bought rustoleum white spray primer tonight. and a clear also made by rustoleum – don’t know if that’s necessary, but the ‘satin’ finish felt really….non satin-ish and more bland and yucky, if that makes any sense. haha. for a kids’ playroom i would think i’d need something more glossy and washable.

    • Yes, sand the old paint. You might as well do the legs too. The color will look more uniform. If you use a higher grit, it will smooth it out. I used a sealant because I wanted a satin finish and the colored paint was glossy. I can’t wait to see!!

  16. hi there,

    i’m not sure if you still check the comments regularly, but i was wondering if i could ask you a few questions.

    i started to fix up a set of chairs for my daughters playroom. you can see what i’ve done so far here:

    it’s one of the most recent posts.

    anyway, i went to home depot, where the woman (OLD woman) at the paint counter suggested that i purchase rustoleum spray paint for the job. i did, and i chose aqua and green apple. good enough.

    now, i specifically asked her if i needed a primer. she said no.

    so… a result, you can still see the wood grain through a lot of the coloured spray paint job.

    ALSO, to add fuel to the fire, the paint job feels…weird. it doesn’t feel smooth and glossy. but there are no visible bumps from splatter or feels gritty, i guess? i bought ‘satin’ finish. perhaps i should have went with gloss. it looks and feels like it would be quite prone to getting dirty from little hands.

    and furthermore…she told me NOT to use a sealant because “spray paint has a built in sealant”.

    so, thanks to this woman, i have a project underway that is NOT working.

    is a primer and sealant absolutely necessary in your experience? i’m pretty ticked off at this old bat! lmao.

    any help would be so greatly appreciated! i am MAJORLY ticked off! lol.

    • Hi! Hmmm….this is what I’d do. Lightly sand it with a high grit sandpaper. Then use a thing coat or 2 of white primer. Then hit it with the colored spray paint. Thin coats dry quickly. It’s definitely salvageable 🙂 Good luck!

  17. I certainly would follow the procedures you have outlined in this post Mindy! A big tip to all who cares for their furniture.

  18. akismet-af8788e6fc0455bea2f98dbaeebd690b

    What a great post! I’m researching painting my kitchen island turquoise using spray paint, it’s currently black painted beadboard. I’m wondering, now that it’s been several months, if you’re noticing any wear on the paint? How did you pick the paint you chose (based on the color availability or was there something more to it)? It’s hard to sand the little decorative areas, does the paint adhere to those spots as well? Thanks!

    • I just went for it! I didn’t really do much research. I have no idea how the paint would react for a piece that will be in the kitchen and presumably get wet. I use it for my craft table so there isn’t any moisture on it. It has held up wonderfully. Also, the paint stuck everywhere (even the tiny nooks & crannies). Be sure to use a primer. Good luck!

  19. What a beautiful result! I feel so inspired by your pictures. I have several french provincial pieces that I have been nervous about starting but now I feel so inspired. It looks much easier than I thought! I can’t wait to start now!

  20. wow! the result is amazing!
    im thinking of spray painting a desk too now! im wondering just how many cans did you need for that?

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  23. Just the “how-to” I was looking for.

  24. Just the how to I was looking for.

  25. Really enjoyed seeing how you did this step by step & also your putting the time it took for each step.

  26. Thank you for the response, I will be on the look out for the ultimate sealer. I really want the high gloss that spray paint offers. Oil base is incredibly labor intensive, as I am sure you know and I still never get the results I want.

    • I understand. Spray paint is faster, more evenly distributed, and it covers all of the little nooks and crannies that you may miss with a paintbrush. When you find the sealer, please shoot me an email to let me know about your findings 😉

  27. Looks great! I am thinking about doing the same procedure for my dining table but I am worried about wear. How has this held up with use and would you recommend it for someone using their table on a daily basis for cooking and prep? I have a feeling I might need the ol’ oil based treatment, just curious what your opinion was and how the paint is holding up.

    • Good question. I wouldn’t reccomend this for a tabletop unless you use a more durable top coat/ sealer. The paint is holding up just fine, but I’d be worried if there were hot plates and water cups on top of it regularly.

  28. Thanks for posting such a great useful article and products on the Furniture & material.

  29. What brand/color of spray paint is the blue?

  30. Thank you, I am getting ready to paint furniture this weekend and I have been going back and forth on paint or spray paint. You made the choice easy. Thank you again!

  31. great tips i should do this for some furniture pieces.

  32. This table color is really beautiful, I like it very much, give a person a kind of friendly feeling, your work is absolutely fantastic, if can I can add oneself like small adorn article!! That is more perfect!

  33. Just wanted to give you a shout from the valley of the sun, great information. Much appreciated.

  34. bebe bodycon

    Hey, tried adding your site to google reader and it shows an error message, any idea?

  35. Okay, first of all, I’m going to have to say you’re a genius. The idea of spray painting a desk would have never occurred to me.
    Now that you gave me the idea, I’d like to add something to it. It’s probably possible to make designs on the desk using stencils, isn’t it? Those would give it some spice and flair! According to me, it would look very pretty!
    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!
    Ashley, aka TheEverydayMuser

  36. so much great information on here, : D.

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  40. It came out really great! love the color. thanks for linking up to our Wicked Awesome Wednesday blog party.

  41. thanks i’ll have to try that! sorry it took me so long to reply i’m still new at this site. :/

  42. LOVE this piece and LOVE the color!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICE job!!!

  43. This came out awesome and I have to agree with you on the hardware; it looks awesome with the desk color. What color blue is this?

  44. Jailson Rainer

    it’s my dream have got one like this!

  45. I love it! Wow, it looks so cool. I was wondering how well such a bright blue would work out with the early pictures, but it looks great! Thanks for all the info too. 😀

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  47. LOVE the blue desk! But what really struck me is the cobalt bottles. I have tons of them just sitting on a shelf and really like the idea of a single bright flower. I have bright yellow daffodils about to fade that I may cut and bring in now. Thanks for the great idea!

  48. u sure make this look easy girl!! im going to give it a try.
    first with a small little table or a night stand! cant wait.

  49. Mindy, Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! That was fun to see a familiar face on the menu.

    Since I’m due for a “spray paint the new front door” project this spring, this post was also timely for me.

  50. I’m so impatient too when waiting for paint to dry! Thanks for sharing Mindy, I enjoyed reading!

  51. Oh my goodness, that looks so cool! I’d love to do that, except maybe I probably wouldn’t look down either and would be freaking out internally in my head. Love the pictures!

  52. This furniture is so lovely. Great job! Thank you for sharing this at the Creative Bloggers’ Party & Hop 🙂 I hope you’ll join us again starting 5 pm this Sunday, PST.

  53. Awesome job Mindy! 🙂

  54. Really cool! I was a bit surprised by the color you chose but when I saw it with the accompanying poster I knew you’d made the right decision. 😀 It looks great! Learning to restore or reinvent furniture is one of the things on my to-do list this year, and I had no idea it could be so easy! How long did the sanding take you?

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  56. What a great color! I can’t wait until it’s warm enough out to start working on my own furniture 😀

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  58. Mindy, Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! That was fun to see a familiar face on the menu.

    Since I’m due for a “spray paint the new front door” project this spring, this post was also timely for me.

    Good work! 🙂

  59. I’m so impatient too when waiting for paint to dry! Thanks for sharing Mindy, I enjoyed reading!

  60. Wow! How pretty!!! Can’t wait to try this out in my house =) Thanks for the tips!

  61. Nice project, I like the style of the dresser. I used alot of different spray paints and Valspar was my least favorite, how do you like it ? I prefer rustoleum 2X the coverage it sprays nice with less coats. I think lowes sells valspar and home depot sells rustoleum 2x. Nice Job once again A++++

    • That explains why Lowes didn’t have the Rustoleum. Hmmm. Yes, now that I recall, Rustoleum has that nice piece attached to the nozzle that increases the surface area that it covers. Thank goodness the Valspar worked out! Thanks for the input Jerimiah! Next time, I’ll remember that & go to Home Depot.

  62. Mmm – looking around for things to spray now ….
    Very inspiring, well done : )


  63. hey thanks! i should try that sometime.

  64. That is so cool of you to make something become good as new. You totally rock 🙂

  65. Yay! You’re Freshly Pressed!!! Congrats on that! The desk is beautiful. Great job!!

  66. Colin L Beadon

    I’m sorry Mindy,
    You probably destroyed a valuable piece of old furniture worth several hundred dollars or more. People destroy valuable furniture with the best intentions.

    • I wouldn’t have painted it if it was of nice quality. The reverse side of this desk was particle board which is a dead giveaway that it was not an antique of any kind. Thank you for your concern though! If this baby was solid wood, I had full intentions to strip it down and stain it.

    • This made me LOL. Buzzzzkillll. It’s not as if she’s out cutting down trees, polluting the world, or making babies cry. It’s a piece of (somewhat) wood!

  67. The transformation is lovely and the colour coordination works very well!

  68. Excellent DIY skills! You have inspired me to personalise my furniture.
    Congrats on FP’d 🙂

  69. Well written and lively post…

  70. Very nice painting; but I like the original colour too!

    • I originally wanted a white desk for that room, that’s why this caught my eye in the first place. Just because I liked it, didn’t mean it would flow with the rest of our home’s decor. This realization is the result of too many impulse buys, lol! I did, however, love the shape. The cream color made it too old fashioned looking.

  71. Looks SO good!!! Really wasn’t sure how blue was going to turn out, but it looks amazing! Now you have a unique, stylish piece of furniture that you can be proud of! Awesome!

  72. nice job! I sooo love the new table 🙂

  73. Paul Konikowski, CTS-D

    great color. I was considering staining my bedroom set, now I’m reconsidering.

  74. Great job! It’s much better now 😉 Thank you for sharing that!

  75. Great work!!! nice idea

  76. I love the color,good job and thanks for the tips

  77. Love it! It has so much character and the paint looks so even.

  78. Really beautiful furniture, an interesting post.

  79. artfashionandhim

    SO TRENDY! I love it! I want to do this with my desk now…….
    amazing work, and congrats!

  80. WOW~you make the tutorial a new look!!!Even much more beautiful than before!!!!!

  81. Nice! I love little projects like that.

  82. that is a beautiful color

  83. great info. kind of liked the silvery colour though…

  84. Nice job! Wasn’t too sure on the ‘smurf’ blue. But it turned out nice.

  85. LOL! Yea, this desk reminded me of my cousin’s when we were 7! I think that’s why I really like it

  86. Your desk turned out lovely! I have done several pieces of furniture this way, only I painted them all by hand with a brush. But that’s just because I find painting that way relaxing. Must be the repetitive motion.
    It’s a great way to pick up an inexpensive piece and make it your own. Once, I found a small table with curved legs and curved corners that I painted and antiqued and decoupaged. I only paid $3 for the table!

  87. You just saved $600, and own a work of art you created.
    What could be better.
    Great work!

  88. Your dressor looks great! Thanks for the tip! Having recently got married myself and having bought a fixer-upper house, I can def. relate to the need for cheap, yet creative ways to make something old look like something new again!

  89. I spray painted something once and it came out badly, but I’m sure if I had read this post beforehand I could have done much better.

  90. Looks fabulous! I clicked on this because I just did a rehab on a dresser myself and was curious to see what technique you used. You’ve got me thinking I’ll use spray paint next time.

    For my old IKEA dresser, I distressed it. It came out great. But yeah, for a bench I have, might be fun to try a bright color, spray-painted on. 🙂

  91. Wa!That’s amazing!Which dyes you used?

  92. Wow, this is amazing! I wish it would turn out that good if I tried, but it probably wouldn’t :/
    Congrats on being FP 🙂

  93. That is awesome! At some point that will have to happen to the French Provincial furniture that I *had* to have when I was twelve.

  94. Gorgeous! And I love the color as well – would add a sparkle to any home 🙂 Are you a decorator? Looks like I should read your other posts and get some tips!

  95. Looks very nice but blue would not be my first color I would go with. I would go with a dark cherry red!

  96. What a gorgeous result!

  97. Gratz, it looks really great! you’re a master decorator 😉

  98. Wow, it looks so good! Who would’ve thought it would be so easy to turn something old and shabby into something beautiful. I love the colour you chose too!

  99. Wow I really love this! The thing that caught my eye was the ‘keep calm and carry on’ picture you have hanging on your wall! I have the same thing 😀 Awesome post!

  100. Love the color – and it goes so nicely with the sign. Well done.
    Congratulations on being FP!

  101. great post i love do it yourself things. 😉

  102. Good job. Wanna come do my furniture?
    Congrats on being Freshly Painted…oops, I mean Freshly Pressed.



  103. fromsusanwithlove

    Good job! That looks really good!

  104. OMG Mindy, congrats on the second freshly pressed. Your lovely desk is a total winner!!!!!

  105. That desk is beautiful! I love the process of transforming old items.

  106. Love it, especially the blue! I’m going to painting a piece of wood furniture and I didn’t even think of spray paint so THANK YOU! I’ll even bring out the stencils 🙂

  107. Barbara Ciochon

    Amazing! You had a wonderful desk to begin with. I love provincial style furniture.

  108. Jackie Paulson 1966

    Well don, I have the exact same dresser thingy. I will have to do mine, TY

  109. Looking very shabby chic and French! :o) Well done!

  110. LOVE the blue desk! But what really struck me is the cobalt bottles. I have tons of them just sitting on a shelf and really like the idea of a single bright flower. I have bright yellow daffodils about to fade that I may cut and bring in now. Thanks for the great idea!

  111. You did an excellent job with that desk… Complete transformation. 🙂

  112. I absolutely love this! Furniture refinishing is my latest obsession and this desk caught my eye from the main page. I LOVE that shade of blue and I LOVE the curves of that desk!

  113. This is such a great post about DIY! I saw your comments on nattynook, and now you are freshly pressed! Awesome job!

  114. This looks great! I’m really into spray painting furniture! I just painted a table about this same color – keep on painting!

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  116. nazarioartpainting

    Nice! Look easy. I will try with some furniture. In the past I am asking how to paint furniture and now I known. Thank You for share your technique.

  117. Girl, you did an awesome job. I’m signing up for your blog! ; )

  118. I love it! Wow, it looks so cool. I was wondering how well such a bright blue would work out with the early pictures, but it looks great! Thanks for all the info too. 😀

  119. I spray painted my dresser when I was an undergrad, and I loved how it turned out! You did a great job, I love the handles on it, too.

  120. That is great. You have such a lovely piece now. Congrats on being freshly pressed.

  121. Az. Small Business Network

    Yeah! I am so excited to see you Freshly Pressed congratulations, I am forever trying to find fun crafty blogs here on wordpress and they are few and far between, I am adding you to my fav. list. I so wish they would feature more crafty and hand made by me blogs on the Freshly Pressed front page.



  122. Looks good and a definite worthwhile post.

  123. Mormon Soprano

    Mindy, This is fantastic! I happen to have an entire bedroom set of this same exact furniture that I got for my 8th birthday and passed down through two daughters. I’m planning to redo the guest bedroom and wondered if I could possibly paint all of it, but never dared to try for fear it would be a dreadful mess…. OK. Now I not only have confirmation I should go for it, but you have also provided a step-by-step tutorial.Thank you!! I’ll have to send you photos of my “before and after” pics – or possibly post them and link back to you, and then we can do a happy dance together. 🙂 – MoSop
    P.S. Congrats for being Freshly Pressed.

  124. Beautiful desk! I love the color. You did a great job on the tutorial too!


    I have the same desk found in the same condition but spray painted it GOLD. 🙂

  126. Great job. Has a vintage feel. Congrats on Freshly Pressed.

  127. congrats on being “freshly pressed!”

  128. looks great! love the blue!

  129. OMG….I’m in love!!! I want the desk!

  130. Two Man Minimum

    The desk looks great. Thanks for the tips, I have been planning to paint some of my living room furniture and your steps are clear and easy to follow.

  131. Thank you so much for the tips and great pictures! I’ll be using them for sure 🙂

  132. Wow!!! I’m going down to my local hardware store for some spray paint this minute. I have an old victorian vanity that has been sitting in my basement for 15 years, and after reading this informative post I can’t wait to get started. Thanks for sharing.

  133. i may or may not be making my husband pick up a huge dresser that is free on craigslist so that i can try this out 😉

  134. Wow! No offense, but that turned out waaay better than I thought it was going to! Nice job, and love the happy dance by the way hahaha.

  135. do you think the same outcome would result if i used a wood piece that is like solid oak? or should i go out and buy a heavy duty sander? lol

  136. LOVE it! 🙂 Love your keep calm and carry on poster too! 🙂 Nice work!

  137. Great job, love the color… and the grass will be back to normal after the first or second cutting… My mom does it all the time. I have a tall chest I need to refinish, I was going to strip it and stain it, but I am thinking I like the bright color, I just might have to do that instead. Thank you!

  138. Beautiful! You did a great job! Very impressive.

  139. Go girl! You didn’t say why/how you chose colour. The result is beautiful. Your grass is awful. Take care of nature and nature will take care of you. Great job. Love this post.

    • We just laid down some fertilizer & fresh seed so our fingers are crossed! I wanted a bright color because one day while shopping in NYC, I was in a Betsy Johnson Boutique (her clothing is really funky, eclectic, and carefree). There was a lime green painted piece of furniture that had the same shape as this desk. They used it to display jewelry and hats. It inspired me to attempt this project.

  140. Wow! What an amazing transformation! You’ve got me inspired to spray paint everything… where shall I start?! Thanks and a great blog!


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  142. Thanks for the tutorial! I have been prepping my furniture for spray painting but I was just going to wing it. Now I am more informed!:)

  143. Well,everyone has already said what an awesome job but I just cant resist saying it again. I will defintely try this when the weather warms up here…now I feel like hitting some yardsales! Again, great job

  144. NiceeEEeeEEeeEEeeEE.

  145. That is beautiful!! I love the color, and the hardware looks great! If you have an account on HGTV , check out the Pottery Barn Inspired Bath and tell me what you think of my painted cabinets with legs!! I love paint! Congrats on being freshly pressed.

  146. What a great-looking desk! And it came at such an appropriate time for me 🙂 I am currently painting a bathroom vanity. If I’d known how easy it was to spray it, I would have opted to do that rather than hand-painting. Thanks for the how-to!

  147. The after=-one-coat picture looked nice, actually, like a cloudy summer sky. A few birds handpainted in and a balloon might make a nice kid’s desk.

  148. I’ve done so many projects where I’ve stripped paint to refinish something that I think it’d break my heart to paint something that was good wood. This looks great though and way better than when you found it. Great tutorial.

  149. Very interesting you did a good job with that desk. It turned out good. Yay
    yes I did find you blog !!!

  150. Well done. I’m nervous to use spray paints but you’ve made it look easy, and fun!

  151. Well done! Looks great and you’ve motivated me to do some of my own furniture. 🙂

  152. That looks fabulous! I love how you kept the hardware the way you found it. It retains the well-cherished look to the desk. I feel inspired to find an old piece of furniture and try this myself.

  153. That’s pretty impressive.
    You have inspired me to spraypaint every piece of furniture I own 🙂

  154. Great job – looks terrific!

  155. Awesome! What a great color! Thanks for sharing!

  156. I have a dresser in my garage in a similar style that I was thinking of refinishing. Now, I think I’ll just sand it and paint a funky colour. Thanks for the inspiration!

  157. Love it! I’ve been dying to spray paint something. I just randomly found your blog and I will be stopping by again. BTW, I my bucket list to my blog, too.

  158. very awesome! i have plenty of wooden furniture in my garage that i didnt want in my room cause of the color, but now i would want to pull them out and change it up a bit. nice DYI modifier. good post! thanks

  159. Very nice! Those streaks on the first coat made it look like you were trying to get a sky effect (with clouds, etc) but I’m guessing it didn’t look like that in actuality.

    The end result is gorgeous and it goes very well with that frame on top! That makes me want to convince my parents to do the same for the furniture on my baby sister’s bedroom. A lavender color or something light would be wonderful for her room.

  160. Would you believe: I have this EXACT same desk!

    Thanks for the tips. I now have a reason to unbury it from the garage and do some spray painting…


  161. You did great Mindy, wow!

  162. I saw the later blog before this one but I’m seriously contemplating painting a desk. It looks so freaking good and who wouldn’t love a hot pink or baby blue desk.

  163. It turned out lovely! Great job!
    I am following you from the Homemaker on a Dime.

  164. Looks fabulous…I had no doubts. Great color choice. The original hardware looks great…that usually doesn’t happen!

    • Thanks Michelle! I agree with you on the hardware. It was a total fluke. I bought brushed nickel paint if I hated the way it looked with the origial hardware. I actually thought i was going to have to buy new handles. I got lucky.

  165. Wow that is awesome, I emailed the link to my mom! She wants to do this to some furniture now. I’ve been hesitant to spray paint furniture but you’ve inspired me!

  166. LOVE it!!!!!! Great job, Min…can’t wait to come over. xoxo

  167. Please, please, please say what the color is! It is gorgeous!

  168. Lindsey Cerrone

    I especially love the picture on the desk!!

  169. I love it, it’s such a pretty and perky blue. The hardware looks so adorable.

    Yay Mindy!!!

  170. At first I was all “BLUE?” but then when I saw the finished product I was all.. “Whoa… BLUE!!!!” Well done I hate that I doubted you for a single second! I love it.

    • I saw a bright green chest in a Betsey Johnson Shop in NYC and always wanted something funky like that, but didn’t know where to find one -especially in my price range. It was free, so if it looked horrible, I wouldn’t feel too bad. Thanks Kell!

  171. Ooh looks lovely, well done chick!

  172. It came out really nice!

  173. Love this! Nice job….looks great!

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