How To Introduce An Accent Color For $5

I’m all for color in the home.  Nothing cheers up a sad looking room like bright sunny pops of color. 

In my living room, the general color scheme is a milk-chocolatey brown paint, ivory, and various shades of turquoise.  See our house tour for those pictures here.

I had a turquoise  “Keep Calm & Carry On” canvas taking center stage on that giant ledge that I hate can’t figure out what to do with. 

Since I’m aslo a huge fan of rearranging objects in my house, I moved that canvas and placed it above the new matching desk.

I like having that phrase in the room where we will be doing work, paying bills, etc.  🙂

With the canvas  (AKA the splash of color that brightened the room) gone, I did what I do best.  Scoured our house for something to take its place.  I found 7 small blue glass bottles that I hoarded saved from a detox cleanse I did after I was sick last month.  The color was right, but what was I going to put in them?

I drove to Michael’s Crafts and snatched up a bunch of silk flowers in orange. 

*WARNING! Art Lesson Ahead*

I chose orange because it is opposite of blue on the color wheel.  These 2 colors are complimentary colors.  When 2 complimentary colors are placed near each other, you achieve the most contrast.  In other words, they appear most vibrant.

*Art Lesson Over*

I snipped the plastic & wire stems to about 6″ in length and popped the into the tiny bottles & placed them all over the room! 

It feels more Spring-y in the living room.

Since I had so many of them, I was able to create a repeating pattern of color.  Repetition makes it feel like there is order in the room.

If only I could magically shrink the monstrous TV!

A nice, quick fix on the cheap.


14 responses to “How To Introduce An Accent Color For $5

  1. I have a question that i would highly appreciate some advice on.
    OK, I have a large painting in my living room that has these colors, tan, blue grey, dark red, silver. I am confused on what colors i should use as accents. The color wheel says green but there is no green in the painting! HELP!!! Thank you, Pennie

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  3. awww…cute! I didn’t mind the art lesson either lol

  4. hello how are you?
    I’m from Brazil here because I love to recycle your mobile and saw, and loved it.
    It was beautiful! Congratulations!

    “I can not speak English – then trying to translate on google a communication, I hope you left all right.

    kiss, love your blog. bye

  5. Beautiful! You’re brilliant Mindy!

  6. I’m in love with that desk. I have been wanting to get a desk and I think painting it would be so much fun. Once a buy an inexpensive one for school-I may just have to paint it.

  7. Teehee it’s like the flowers are little alien invaders come to spruce up your room. They come in cute. 😀

  8. Please come to my home and redecorate! I can’t do all that!
    And I LOVE that blue dresser. So cute!

  9. looks nice!!!!!!

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