The New Laptop

Thank you all for your input on our laptop dilemma.  For those of you just tuning in, about a month ago, we hosted a party (see that scoop here).  At this lovely little soiree, a guest accidentally poured her entire beer into our computer (see that total panic attack here).

We have been borrowing our nephew’s notebook (it was seriously like a 6 inch screen)  perfect for a little boy.  But for my clumsy hands, not so much. Finally, we both said enough is enough.

We have been debating a mac vs pc for over a month now.  We both agreed that the mac is cooler, the price tag that came with the model we’d need wasn’t a good match for us. 

Yesterday, we hit up BestBuy. We ended up leaving  with a sleek black 15.5″ Sony VAIO.  Its über fast & compared to the mini screen we were using, it feels like a big screen TV!

Hopefully very soon, I will get the nerve to buy a new camera!!!


20 responses to “The New Laptop

  1. I have a VAIO, and I have had compliments on it it. Sorry about the old computer, though.

  2. Congratulations on your new computer. It looks awesome.

  3. Oh Sony is a good choice. Most of the Sony owners I know love their computers. I need a new camera too, I want something that gives me more control.

  4. I would just DIE if this happened! I’m rather dependent on my laptop and also got a new one yesterday. I’m looking forward to “moving in”.

  5. Congrats on the new buy. I have my eye on a new macbook!

  6. Good choice. I LOVE my vaio– I’ve always said it’s the perfect blend of all things good from PC and Mac :).

    Your blog is fun! I’m a newlywed, too, and I’ve been holding off updating our dining room furniture the way your recent Freshly Pressed article mentions. Thanks for demystifying the process!

  7. are you going to bedazzle it like the first one?
    BTW congrats on another FP!!

  8. Good choice by maybe spray paint it up 🙂 Ooh congrats on being FP, just saw woo!!

  9. YAY!!!! ENJOY!

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