Pizza On The Grill!

Yesterday was the first really nice weather we’ve seen since last year.  I went for a long hike, and decided that dinner would be cooked on the grill. 

I had 2 pizza doughs I bought for focaccia bread (and never made it) that I got from a local bakery.  I saw that we had some shredded cheese, so pizza it was!  I figured I would make my favorite potato and rosemary pizza.  It was only fair that I make my husband’s favorite also -buffalo chicken pizza.

I started the potato rosemary pizza first.  I floured my board and pressed out the air bubbles in the dough working from the center out to the edges. 

Next, I drizzled a bit of olive oil onto a baking sheet, and put the dough onto it.

I wasn’t going for circular, I just wanted the most pizza on the pan 😉

I sprinkled shredded mozzarella onto the dough.

I sliced up a red potato as thinly as I could

Onto the cheesy dough they went.  I lightly sprinkled garlic powder (because I hate chunks), some freshly ground black pepper, rosemary, and olive oil.  I don’t add salt because the cheese is already pretty salty. 

I took the chicken off of the grill and plopped the cookie sheet on.

 Our neighbors were outside watching the crazy lady photograph her food on the grill again!  HAHAH!

Cook this baby until golden brown (about 20 minutes @ 400)

Remove from the grill & baking sheet.  Place onto a sturdy cutting board.  Use a pizza slicer or in my case, the craziest giant serrated knife you can find.


Next up was the buffalo chicken. 

Do the same first steps as the previous pizza. 

Bang out the dough, oil the pan.

I got a little corny with this one and my his pizza into a heart shape *gag*  lol!

He hates blue cheese, so I only put a little on my corner.

I added shredded Mexican cheese, then chunks of grilled chicken, buffalo sauce, and celery.

Onto the grill for 20 minutes and voila!

Do you cook things in an unconventional way?  Share your story here!


9 responses to “Pizza On The Grill!

  1. Omg! That looks so good. I was thinking how delicious the first pizza you made was and that I’d try it. Then I kept scrolling down and saw the chicken one….I almost drooled! Oh so yum I can almost smell it 😀 And the heart shape was in no way corny lol How cute. Your man should have been happy that you cooked for him but that it was a heart awww….speechless!

  2. Whoa these are awesome! Yuuummmmssss!

  3. Oh it looks like you had a wonderful day yesterday. That makes me feel happy. I love the bbq pizza idea. I think I may try that, and girl potato (it’s like potato chip pizza, huh?) and then the buffalo chicken pizza. Wow, just sounds yum…looks yum too.

  4. i cook pizza on the bbq all the time! i think its the best way to cook it, closest thing to a pizza oven if you ask me!
    i have to know where you got the dough , it looks delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. So fun! I love that you cooked his in the shape of a heart! Pizza is my weakness so in an effort to be a little more healthy we’ve started making our own at home vs. ordering out. I love mine so much more that I rarely miss Papa Johns!

    I will have to attempt to make it on the grill soon!

  6. one word YUM!

  7. Looks yummy! The heart is a nice touch.
    We cook stinky things (like taco meat) outside on the grill in the summer…nothing too crazy though!

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