Welcome Parade Of Homes!

 Today is DAY 4 of

Hello everyone!  If this is your first time visiting Finding Silver Linings, my name is Mindy, welcome to my home. 
This is the quiet street we live on.  Spring has just begun to bloom around here!

This is where we live.

 My husband and I moved into this house seven months ago.  It is very much a work in progress, and it literally changes every day.

Come on in!

This is our dog Rocco, he’ll be your tour guide 😉

Front Hallway Area

This table gets changed around all the time because it’s nice to shake things up a bit – especially when you walk through the front door.   Here is today’s configuration, lol!

Let’s go down the hall first.

Our first stop is to our right.  This is our main bathroom.

My favorite mirror in the house is in this room.  Sparkly mosaic anything rocks my socks people, I aint hard to please!

Next, let’s peek into the guest bedroom.  Pardon the lack of detail in this room, it is one of the last rooms to finish for us.

Next up, the master bedroom.

Now, let’s look at the master bath

This is our office.

This desk and chair were my little “makeover projects”.  Read how to make your own here and here.

Let’s go back down the hall and into the heart of our home. 

The kitchen!  Learn how to paint a chalkboard wall like this one right here.

Here’s an embarrassing picture of us a few weeks ago on Easter!  LOL!  I have no shame, people!

That was my attempt at Spring-y haha!  My home-made artwork is my motto for the kitchen!

This is where we eat dinner every night

And we eat in our dining room if we have guests over or if we’re feelin fancy 😉 Yes, I changed the furniture around in the middle of our little house tour 😀

Now, let’s go downstairs…

This is our mancave livingroom…

This is our downstairs bathroom


That’s it!  Thank you for joining us on our little tour 🙂  Rocco will see you out.

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Thanks again for coming! 




49 responses to “Welcome Parade Of Homes!

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  2. Just beautiful 🙂 You have great taste! I really love the wall art and area rug in the “man cave”/ living room! Great Job!


  3. Rocco is a very handsome tour guide. Thanks for sharing your home with all of us. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. Roscoe can give me a tour any time. I love how you started at the front door and ended with Roscoe showing us out. Your home is lovely and you two make a cute couple. Cheers to many happy years in your home. Katharine

  5. Love the art work, Rocco is a cutie pie. Thank you for sharing and providing me with ideas for future posts… I hope to get my house together one day to show it off like you have.

  6. Mindy, I love this ALOT! You and Anthony have done an amazing job. So proud of you both!!! BEAUTIFUL!

  7. Nice house, thanks for sharing!

  8. pawsitivelife

    Your house is beautiful and very nicely done, I really like that you dont have the clutter that is all over my tiny apartment!

  9. This is the first time I saw pictures of your home in one single post. And its beautiful! I especially like the exterior design – the steps laeding to your frint door and the cute inverted-V above it 🙂 And, I love the wooden flooring too. You did a great job for the deco as well! Rocco is so cute, give him a little hig and kiss from me will ‘ya? 🙂

  10. oh my gosh! I LOVE ROCCO!!!!!!!!!!! He looks just like my bff’s puppy- Ollie! The house is awesome too! I love the mirror in the bathroom (so stunning!), and the “mancave” looks so inviting! Nice job!

  11. We have the same type of house, but layed out a little differently. I like how yours in layed out. Love what you have done with your home so far. I’m stopping in from A Bowl Full of Lemons house parade.

  12. beautiful house!!

  13. Thank you so much for the tour. Your home is lovely! I love your sweet little bundle of fluff.

  14. I like how open the layout is, how you have hardwood or laminate even in the basement (great with a dog) and how clutter free everything is. Great house and dog. Go Rocco!

    • Yeah, the hardwood throughout (except the bathrooms) was the first thing when we closed after we ripped up the old floor & painted the walls. It’s so much more sleek than the carpet that was there before us. Thanks Rufus!

  15. I.Want.That.Desk. So badly-ever since you painted it, I have fallen in love. Your house is so gorgeous.

  16. Mindy- you have a beautiful home, thanks for sharing!! Oh, and of course I love all of your decorations, you find all the good stuff =)

  17. Hey, I have the same apron! With a T of course but I just posted a pic of it–too funny. I love the ears.

    I am so in love with the blue color of the desk and sign above it…..and in love with Rocco of course. Absolutely adorable! I want to live in your house 🙂

  18. Came through on the parade of homes, and all I have to say is: BLUE DESK!

  19. Mindy, I am loving these sixties and seventies split-levels more and more. You are doing a fantastic job decorating your home. And Rocco is a rock star!!! Thanks so much for allowing us to tour your adorable home. 😀

    • It’s 80’s but what the heck is the difference, lol?! They all look the same!! It’s definitely more home than we though we could afford as our first place, so we are really happy with it. Thanks for looking!

  20. A lovely home Mindy, looks really peaceful and I love all your signs! Your dog is so cute, I want one 🙂 Thanks for showing us round!

  21. Thank you for the fun tour of your home! The headboard in the Master bedroom really caught my eye- so pretty!

  22. Hi there,
    Love your artwork! You and your husband make a beautiful couple!

    Nice job on your desk and chair.

  23. It looks really great! Love your colors. I’m so glad you’re my parade of homes “neighbor.”

  24. That was a lovely tour, and Rocco was an awesome little tour guide.

  25. Your house is so cute! It’s fun to see the whole thing and different angles! I kind of want to steal Rocco. 😛

  26. gorgeous! you’ve done a wonderful job Mindy. Its got such a unique touch too!

  27. LOL you are so awesome and super funny. Loved the tour, and your style of decorating!

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