It’s not exactly a secret that I wish I had Anthony Bourdain’s job or his connections.  But his sense of humor is fantastic. Click here to read some of the funniest things to come out of his gourmet street food eating mouth.


5 responses to “Bourdainisms

  1. I’m a big fan of Bourdain too! I applaud him for his “bravery” in savouring all sorts of food, no matter how weird. And he knows how to appreciate all flavours too, although foreign to his taste. *thumbs up*! And oh, he is just so funny!

  2. I was just watching the Chile episode last night. Now I crave some good street food. Bourdain is so hysterical, and he lives a great life.

  3. Az. Small Business Network

    Love Anthony, he is a blast!


  4. Like the food sections. Pizza on a grill hmm that looks pretty darn good !!!
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