Nate Berkus Bought Me A Garden

Last week when my mom and I went to NYC (hear all about that amazing day here), we were in the audience at  the Nate Berkus Show. As a gift from the show’s sponsor, Valspar Paint, we received a $25 gift card to Lowes.  Today, on the way home from work, that’s exactly where I headed. 

 I knew I wanted to start a vegetable garden in our  yard.  While I was at a baby shower Saturday, and Mother’s Day brunch on Sunday, my husband cleared an area for me to start it.

  I have never grown anything except maybe a lima bean plant when I was in 2nd grade until a couple of months ago I started an herb garden (see that post here). Those have actually made progress by the way. See!

I only spent $0.30 out of my pocket!

As soon as I got home,  I gathered my garden tools, um… yeah by garden tools I mean a table-spoon.

Waaay too excited for this.

 I quickly made my way over to the garden area.  It’s a bit small, so I only planted the cucumber seeds, until we extend it tomorrow. 

I dug 2 long trenches that were about 1/2″ deep with my high-tech garden shovel -take that Martha!


I laid the strips of seeds down in the little trenches. Seed strips are something I’ve never heard of before.  They are seeds perfectly spaced apart inside this giant paper strip that looks like the paper straws come in. 

I covered the strip with about 1/2″ of soil with my manicured hand, lol!  Who’s afraid to get dirty?  Not this chick!!

Then I used a very fancy watering device to dampen the soil.

Later this week, I’ll be planting the rest of my seeds.  Does anyone have any advice for this first timer that will make my veggies sprout to awesomeness?


21 responses to “Nate Berkus Bought Me A Garden

  1. I love your excited picture–too cute!

    Very nice job on the savings, I’m impressed! Your herb pots are so adorable, I need those.

  2. Love it! Can’t wait to see them grow!!! Very cute!

  3. Oh I’m so sxcited for you! I’m a newbie in gardening too, so I don’t have any special advise. I dump the seeds in, water them and wait….pretty much, haha!

  4. Ha! Love the high tech garden toolery you have going on there! I just made my first raised garden bed and will hopefully be adding actual plants to it this weekend. Good luck and happy gardening!!

  5. Watch out for snails is my advice.

  6. I love it Chica. I just got myself some gardening stuff at Target this weekend too. I think tonight’s project is going to be starting. I got myself some Basil, and I want to get some garlic chives and maybe some other food items.

    I can’t wait to see your garden grow.

    • My basil sprouted, and it smells amazing! I can’t wait til it’s a bit bigger and I can cook with it! I bought the herb stuff at Target. I was so shocked when I saw green in my dirt pots, lol! I didn’t know what to expect from the $1 bin at Tar-Jay!

  7. my grandmother used to have a garden, and she used leftover things from the house to put in it. As in, old coffee grounds, eggshells, and fruit rinds. I guess as these things decompose in the garden, it creates an all natural maneur of some sort. I’m not really sure but it worked for her, she had wonderful veggies!

  8. Love the garden tool and the manicure! A true lady indeed 🙂
    Nice blog – I will have to follow you and find out how the gardening goes 😉

  9. That is awesome to have had to only spend thirty cents of your own money!! I love a garden and I hope all of your seeds do wonderfully and that you have fresh vegetables all summer long!

  10. Az. Small Business Network

    Lovin that fancy water container there girlfriend, can see you spent big money on that one.

    Good luck with your garden


  11. HA, your face in the spoon, priceless =)

  12. Love the digging with a spoon!

  13. i love these projects. It will be fun to see it grow!

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