Davis Chang Lives In My Kitchen

Well, not exactly.  He is my latest obsession source of inspiration in the kitchen. 

David Chang is the mastermind behind the  gastronomical Momofuku restaurants. I ate at Ma Peche and had some of the best dessert I’ve ever eaten from Momofuku’s Milk Bar (see the food pics here).

I swiped 2 business cards off the front desk, and the bill came with a sweet postcard (I swiped an extra off the next table).  Criminal, I know. 

I grabbed a few frames I had laying around the house, popped out the photos I was getting sick of, and took out some clear tape. I figured, since the business cards are tiny, I needed something to “mat” my new artwork with so it fit properly into the frame.  The frame came with some corrugated cardboard.  I like the natural color and the cool texture.  YAY!

Voila! Free, semi-original artwork!

I feel like if I surround myself with a momento of a supremely innovative chef, maybe some of that good stuff will rub off on me!

This can be done with any business card (from your first dinner date with your significant other) or a postcard (from a fun vacation) for a sweet sentimental touch.  There are also some really cool vintage postcards out there. 

What have you DIYed lately?


11 responses to “Davis Chang Lives In My Kitchen

  1. Credit you – this is exceptionally constructive !

  2. I love how simple and awesome all your work is. It is full of so much creativity yet as I just said so simple. I don’t even know but seriously when I buy my own house are start filling it-I’m going to call you and make sure you live within a radius to be my personal decorator.

  3. Mindy, I have to ask again, how do you come up with these ideas?? They are so simple but look so good. I never would have thought they would, even if I am good enough to think of it! *thumbs up*!

  4. I love the corrugated backing, it looks so cute with the peaches.

  5. that is awesome. now i’m looking around for postcards to pop into a frame, girl!

  6. Look at you gf you are brilliant!!!

  7. Mindy, I like that! Looks good. Unfortunately, I’m not much of a DIY-er

  8. We’re so alike, I just picked up a few postcards and a couple of brithday cards with funny sayings to pop into frames. So cool you got yours free as well, I love the NY one because I also heart NYC, love the display Mindy 🙂

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