Pie Hangover. Somebody Check Me In To The Betty Crocker Clininc!


So, yeah.  Um… that’s embarrassing. 

I woke up yesterday morning and ate a slice before work. I had a nibble (or two) (okay fine, five). I was slicing off these ridiculous slivers of pie like, a quarter of an inch thin in a pathetic attempt to justify having more. “If I just have this super-duper itty bitty teeny tiny taste, it’s not thaaaaat bad”.

I had to get as far away from our refrigerator as possible, so I went outside to the garden-in-training. I dumped a whole bag of Miracle Grow topsoil to give these poor seedlings a shot in hell. I watered the garden bed, and I even made little laminated labels so I knew what was what –if anything should sprout one day 😉

Our flowers around the yard are finally blooming!!

Once there was nothing left for me to do with my wanna-be green thumb, my thoughts strayed to the pie *cue Jaws theme**

So I decided to go for a spin on our new(ish) Blaster ATV with my groom.  I had way too much fun riding that thing, oh our poor neighbors! I felt like a seven-year old again. Not to mention that we totally looked like this scene from Dumb & Dumber:

I was feeling the itch to have another slice when I decided that I should distract myself and give Rocco a bath.  He was not happy about it.

He went totally bonkers when he got out!  He ran around the house for like 5 straight minutes like a mad dog as fast as he could!   He must have been feeling tough after getting sent to the evil bathtub and coming out with more Jerry Curls than Rick James.  He’s so brave, my boy!

I cracked open a Light Mike’s Hard Lemonade while I whipped up dinner, cuz I’m classy like that 😉 What?! Alcohol curbed my craving.

If you decide to make this pie (get the evil recipe here), do yourself the favor, and have lots of people around. You’ll only be able to get one slice, because it will be gone, or you won’t eat the whole damn thing (like, ahem, me) out of sheer humiliation. Bake at your own risk.


18 responses to “Pie Hangover. Somebody Check Me In To The Betty Crocker Clininc!

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  2. Your dog is just so cute! I would probably do the same with a pie that was that delicious!!

  3. God don’t feel bad I do it too! Only I justify eating something deliciously naughty by spreading it over the day and missing out on ‘normal’ meals. I went through a malteser phase. Handful for breakfast, handful for lunch and a handful for dinner. Shameful but it is behind me now 😀 Look s good think I may have to try it and class it as ‘lunch box food for Glen’ 😉
    What kind of dog is that?! We have a maltese cross shitzu who looks similar.

  4. Mindy , the pie was EXCELLENT!

  5. Yeah, I’m at Starbucks practically crying from laughing so hard at this post!!! Everyone probably thinks I’m a crazy lady fabulous.

    why am I laughing you ask?

    *Um, the title? I think it’s officially one of my favorites
    *Rocco running around like a looney tune–Lincoln does the same exact thing!
    *The visual of you all ala Dumb and Dumber=awesome
    *Rick James reference. Anyone who has one of those is A-OK in my book 🙂

    Happy Sunday 🙂

  6. I don’t know if I have heard of this pie…it sound delicious though. I’m cutting back on sugar until after the beach vacation…but I’m definitely going to try this when I’m back!!

    • It’s pretty much a cult following. These few restaurants are big in NYC -and are still somewhat underground. There aren’t signs in front of the places, just the chef’s tiny peach logo on the door. Chess pie is known in the southern states, I’ve never heard of one until I jumped on the Crack Pie wagon. LOL! I don’t realize what a fatkid food nerd I am until I see myself typing like a banshee about it, hahah!

  7. pawsitivelife

    Im having company over next weekend, so perfect excuse to bake and not eat the entire thing :). Your comment on my blog made me feel better about my horrendous zombie picture. From now on glamour shots only!

  8. Haha I have been known to do the same thing with a pie/brownie batch/cookies etc… I’ll have to check into that betty crocker clinic with you – especially if they serve chocolate cake there, yes? 😉
    (beautiful bamboo bowl by the way!)

  9. Hmm…maybe you should freeze it. That way you can’t really eat it right away. I think it should be OK frozen. That’s what I would do when faced with decadent yumminess, I would send it to Antarctica.

  10. Mmmm pie!!!! I was drooling over this recipe when you psoted it! Now I know to wait until I’m bakc home in a house full of people! ahaha

  11. What kind of dog is Rocco? My co-worker is looking at maltie-poo’s and Rocco KINDA looks like what she’s looking at. Hmm..

    Alfie does the same thing with baths and him running around the house like a crazy. hahasaaahahaha.Scott’s all “pick him up, he’s going too wild! He’ll hurt himself” haha.

  12. HAH! I would do the exact same thing with the pie.I do it with brownies and cake too. That’s why I can’t have m&m’s or small candy like that cause I’ll have a handful everytime I walk by and before I know it, they are gone. UGH! Glad I’m not alone though =) And it sounds YUMMY!

  13. TOOOOO funny! I can’t wait to try it tomorrow!

  14. I’d totally be the same with the pie, sneaking back for more, it’s best if there’s option of it! I think it’s fine you ate it all, a little (well maybe more than little) treat is all good in my book 🙂 Aw Rocco looks cute all clean and primped!

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