DIY Dreaming

I was researching do-able DIY projects for this weekend (the 1st weekend in months that I have at least 1 day to myself).  I fell into the black hole of blogs for 2 hours an undisclosed length of time.  I’m not sure if I could round-up the resources for this weekend, but this project I stumbled upon has got me thinking.

They took this thrift store desk

and turned it into this


See the whole how-to post here.

I’ll definitely be doing this project in the next few weeks.  It’s a pelmet.  Super easy, and looks very neat and tidy. 

Then I found my first project to tackle for the summer.  I literally gasped then squealed out loud when I saw this one.

I was over at Ikeahackers and peeped this.

This lucky girl got her boyfriend to dream up a shoe closet for her.  They used a bookcase with an extension piece for the top, and added a thin bookcase for the side.  Seriously, I die.  Easy, do-able, functional, and GAH!  Look at it!! See the link here.

What are your fave DIY dream projects? What do-it-yourself home imprivements do you plan on tackling soon?  Post up the link in your comment 😀  Inspire me!




9 responses to “DIY Dreaming

  1. Oh what great projects! I especially like the ottoman made from the table. So awesome!!

  2. Wow! Those are great. I’m on a quest to redo a coffee table. I’m not exactly sure what i’m looking to do so I’m just in the process of looking around for ideas.

  3. pawsitivelife

    I wish I could inspire you but I suck at DIY, and my closet is a nightmare. My bf clothers take up most of the room. its ridiculous. Im going to start throwing his stuff out so that i can have a shoe closet

  4. OMG, that’s love, creating a super closet. Oh the shoes Mindy, oh the shoes!!!!!!!

  5. oh my! All those shoes! I have never SEEN that many shoes…:D I’m speachless!

  6. Cool! I’d love a walk-in-wardrobe 🙂

  7. Az. Small Business Network

    OMG! A whole closet just for shoes, that would be a dream come true!!!

  8. Pretty neat projects! Wish I was that creative. Oh, and I fall into the black blog hole for hours too 🙂

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