Lighten Up!

If you read the previous post, you’ll know I had a rare moment of clarity in Ikea on Sunday.  Well the dining room isn’t the only room that needed to feel lighter and brighter. 

Our mancave living room was in serious need of a new light source.  The florescent drop ceiling lights just weren’t cutting it.  Talk about zero ambiance!  I scooped up 2 ALANG lamps for just $19.99 a pop.  They came in a really nice grey that I loved, but with tan walls and a grey sofa, it would look dull, not crisp.  I went with good old white. 

They were the perfect height for where I needed them and add a gorgeous glow to the room. I love that they almost distract you from the Wall O’ TV.

  I love the basket weave texture of the shade, and the sleek base is nice and simple.  It’s crazy that 2 little lamps could make a room feel so much cozier.

Pssst… tomorrow I’ll be hanging out over at Decor And The Dog  for a recap on how I made my first DIY project.  Michelle is featuring home related makeover all week long!


12 responses to “Lighten Up!

  1. I love the lamps! Great lampshades- I love the basketweave detail! So happy to find your blog. 🙂

  2. OOOOOOOHHHH I love that basket weave lamp shade too. And it’s got a modern look to it, so it totally compliments that console area. I’ve seen some great lamps by my TJ Maxx, but Ikea has some great ones too, and don’t forget Tar-jaay.

  3. what a difference a little light can make!!! 🙂 Looks good!

  4. Those are nice!!!

  5. You have the best ideas 🙂 It looks great!!

  6. Also – they’re $24.99 in Canada, not $19.99 like you lucky folk 😦

  7. YOU HAVE GOT to be FLIPPING kidding me.

    Honestly. You know I was at Ikea on Friday. Or whatever night it was. Maybe Saturday. OMG I was standing at those lights for a good half hour while Scott walked around. Debating whether or not I needed/wanted them. Aren’t they gorgeous? Now you’re making me regret my decision of not picking them up. Sighhhhh.

    • Az. Small Business Network

      Darn it, schucks, sounds like a perfectly good reason to have to go back and buy them now to me.


  8. Az. Small Business Network

    Very nice I really like those, I really need an Ikea closer to home. (unless of course you ask my 15 year old son and his father, they would say differently) But if you ask ME! We really do need an Ikea, and a Hobby Lobby, and a…. much closer to home.

    Hugs L.

  9. I love lamps, they make things nice and cosy – great buy!

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