I’m Hanging Out With Ike Today

What?  Who’s Ike?!  Um, “The Dog” from Decor and the Dog… duh! And Rocco is psyched!


It’s my first guest post, and I’m super excited!!  Decor and The Dog  is a daily read for me.  Michelle and her husband are newlyweds (like us), just moved into their home (like us), and have an awesome dog with such personality (like us).  It’s not difficult to see why I relate. 

But it’s her do-it-yourself projects and sense of humor that keeps me clicking back. 

Check out her famous West Elm headboard knock-off that she and her husband whipped up here.


Seriously.  They made it I swear!  And yes, we are all jealous of that bedroom!  So sleek & modern.  Love!

She’s a fan of a good makeover project, and you know I am!  If you’re feeling nostalgic, and want to see a crazy girl refinish a desk & paint her lawn blue; my project is featured today. 

Click HERE to see my guest post & leave some comment love on Michelle’s blog. 

Don’t forget to check out her project page.  It’s preeeeetty impressive guys…



18 responses to “I’m Hanging Out With Ike Today

  1. Thanks so much for guest posting!!! Your readers are so nice!! 🙂

  2. Loved the furniture makeover at Michelle’s so I’m stopping over. I’m a bit of a color-phobe, so your amazing turquoise desk gets major props from me. (Why yes, I did just say props.)

    Love your home!! I’ll be back.

    • Thanks Kim! The room that this piece of furniture is in is very neutral, so the pop of turquoise is just that. A pop. Most of my house is a very neutral color with a splash of a vibrant color here and there. I’m an art teacher, please don’t be a color phobe, lol!

  3. Wow, that West Elm headboard looks amazing. I bet I’d glue my fingers together before I finished that sort of project. I get really excited around glue for some weird reason 😀

  4. Wow! That project is impressive! Is it possible to have ‘dog envy’? If so, then I have it!

  5. So awesome to see a familiar face over there! I’ll be guest-posting tomorrow!!!

  6. I’m already loving that blog. Thanks for introducing it to us.
    I still can’t believe you scored that table on Craigslist and what you did to it!

  7. Love the dog and the room!

  8. Love her style. Love the colors of her home. Thanks for a new read!

  9. Omg look at that face! Ike is adorable 🙂

    Seriously, you make me want to buy my own house so I can go to town on projects and stuff. Can I hire you if that ever happens??

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