Spring Is In Full Bloom

It’s the first warm week CT has had all year! Our back yard is looking prettier all of a sudden, thanks to our puffy white blooms.

Yes, they are a little unruly, but so are my eyebrows and nobody seems to care 😀

My vegetable garden (my first time ever growing anything…on purpose) is sprouting!!  I am so excited! 

Green beans…

Zucchini & squash are looking the same, but I know that something’s brewing below the surface…

The romaine lettuce is popping

Even the onions!

Not to mention that my yard turned into Animal Kingdom! 

I realized what a wuss I am.  I saw a black snake and screamed so loud, I think the neighbor’s cat went deaf!  He slithered (bleh!) away, and I stumbled upon this guy that didn’t move quite as quickly. 

He heard me scream and tucked his head in, hahah!

This little cutie didn’t move.  He must be smart.  He must have known that the high-pitched noise coming from me wasn’t my battle cry. 

My mom bought me a hummingbird ornament for the garden. 

The crazy Spring Fever was in the air without a doubt.  Either that or the solar-powered glow of the hummingbird must have given off some kind of mood lighting.  Either way, these bugs were into it.

Okay, I know it’s borderline inappropriate,  but I couldn’t believe my eyes, hahahh!  

Bug Porn.  This blog has sunk to a new low. 

I’ve also  learned that weeding sucks.   Royally.  It’s the worst task ever.  I may start an advertisement on craigslist…

Need to hire a garden weeder. Must like frogs. Will pay in cookies for compensation. 

Sounds good to me!


Are you sprouting anything this year?  What are some beginner gardening secrets?  Help a girl out!


15 responses to “Spring Is In Full Bloom

  1. Great post, Mindy! I laughed out loud a couple times 🙂 It’s too funny the turtle hid when you hollered out.


  2. Your yard looks beautiful with the all of the pretty blooms. Your garden is looking awesome and want it be so much fun to be eating all of those fresh veggies real soon!

  3. Bug Porn!!!! ROflmao….that cracked me up like crazy!!! Good luck to ya..

  4. Matt Del Giudice

    Ha! Katie accidentally let a black snake into the house a few weeks ago. Needless to say yours truly spent about 15 minutes hooking and coaxing it back towards the door.

    Great looking garden! I’m jealous.

  5. I love the pretty white blooms! And your vege garden is loking awesome, so excited for you Mindy. Haha, and you have cute visitors – Mr Tortoise and Mr. Frog tee hee. The humming bird looks really pretty too. And um….good on ya Mr Bug LOL!

  6. Wow, that is a lot of wildlife. I love that you found bug porn and I would have screamed and ran for the hills if I had seen that snake. I would never have thought that was lettuce, it looked like little weedy things.

  7. OMG…. dying laughing about the bugs!!! And that turtle is too cute! Weeding has to my LEAST favorite outdoor task! WEED CLOTH IS A MUST!!!! It’s worth it’s weight in gold! 🙂

  8. We are growing eggplants and tomatoes because they need less sun. I would just saw water everyday. That is what we do and they seem to grow. ha. Not that I’m very good or anything.

  9. OMG Girlfriend Bug Porn that was priceless. I was rflmao, good thing my son was not home, he would have thought I was nuts. No pun intended!

    Great post, beautiful pics, and thanks for the lol.


  10. Ah pretty white flowers! Weeding sounds horrid, give yourself a treat 🙂

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