I Stole Our Neighbor’s Trash

Yes.  I did.   The other morning, I was watching my husband tinker with his ATV in the driveway (I live an exciting life sometimes, lol).

Some things are cooler with mud on them.  Quads are one of them.

I peered over at our neighbor’s house and lit up like a Christmas tree when I saw this pile of junk treasures!

I made a beeline to their curb to scope the scene. I told my husband there was a giant framed canvas that I would die if I didn’t have & it looked heavy (no, I’m not dramatic, I’m passionate 😉 ). So if he wanted me to live to make dinner that night, he’d have to run over there and snatch it for me!

 I loved the size of it (4′ x 5′) and I liked the frame. I did not like the artwork.

 So, I covered the frame with blue painter’s tape,

And started painting over it with white to prime it.  This acted as a gesso.

Did I mention that I had a very snazzy, yet  professional set up?

Still not sure what I will paint, but I’m excited that I will have a free and enormous artwork in my house. 

To be continued…

Any ideas for the big canvas? I’m thinking something abstract, maybe graphic & very light cream & whites.


23 responses to “I Stole Our Neighbor’s Trash

  1. wow!! you make sound everything so exciting 🙂
    lovely blog!!

  2. Good find. Canvas is expensive.

  3. pawsitivelife

    So would you consider yourself a dumpster diver? Some of my fav furniture in college came from trash

  4. Total score! Canvas and frames that size can be so pricey.
    I bet my neighbors have some good stuff too. I’m going to be on high alert from now on every garbage day.

  5. I think the fancy pants term is repurposing.

  6. You’re so artsy Mindy! And I am especially impressed with your pro-looking set up tee hee 😉 Since my right brain cells are pretty much non-existent, I have no ideas to contribute. But I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with! Go Mindy!

  7. I am jealous of your find and that you had that huge pile of stuff near you. I am all for taking furniture and stuff when I see it out by the road. I definitely like the idea of something abstract!

  8. You are so hilarious! ( I swear I say that in every blog entry of yours)

    I’ve been painting most my life, however I haven’t painted since 2007 and randomly last weekend I decided to do one. I want to brag and show you a pic!!!!!!!! Here it is lol: https://twitpic.com/53v3zs

  9. Totally stealing your “I’m not dramatic, I’m passionate”….banana
    Way to steal the neighbors junk…nice work!

  10. This is too funny! Girl, I would have done the same thing… Can’t wait to see what you come up with!–Kirby

  11. totally worth stealing “trash” for that HUGE canvas! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!

  12. I LOVE that you did this!!!! I actually got my big stero and speakers this way ! ahahahah

  13. Good find, I think you can make it look really good!

  14. Good score!!! what about those wicker chairs? I know you will think of something cool to paint on that canvas!

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