I Can’t Decide What To Paint

So, in typical Mindy fashion, I can’t make up my mind! The weather is going to be beautiful all weekend, so I surely will be painting. But I can’t decide what to do on this giant canvas!

Here are a few paintings that inspire me.

This one I found on deviantart.com and I just keep looking at it. It sucks me in. I’d change the colors but I like the style.

This is a Mark Rothko painting. All of his work is so soft but powerful. Again, I’d change the colors if I was going to put something similar in my home, but I’m loving the simplicity.

Or I could go the earthy route. It’s not really abstract, but I’m digging the zen feel of the bamboo.


I also liked this one too.  It’s from Deviant Art as well, but I like the blobs 🙂


I value your opinion, so please help a sistah out!



12 responses to “I Can’t Decide What To Paint

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  2. Stripey! I wish I was a fancy artist…

  3. I like the stripey one!!

  4. I love that first painting with the lines. I see what you mean about sucking you in. Are you going to paint that yourself? I’m very impressed. I’m artistic in other areas, but unfortunately painting art is not one of them. Make sure you show the finished product. Maybe I’ll be inspired to give it a try 🙂

  5. Min.. i like #1 i think it would look good downstairs over the couch…

  6. I’m in love with the Bambo and Blob.

  7. OMG! First of all, I LOVE all of your selections! You have me thinking that maybe I need to DIY (try-my-unsteady-hand) some art! Any one you choose will be amazing, but I am a bit partial to the blob one!

  8. I’m digging the stripey one and the bamboo one. Great pieces of art! 🙂

  9. I’d love to see a closeup of the stripey one. Is it drippy, too? It’s drippy in my mind, which makes it kind of cooler. 🙂

  10. I love the last one!!

    As child like as it is, all but one of the paintings in my house were done by me… and all involve some form of finger painting ahahah

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