Look For Me & My Mom Today!

**Breaking News**
I just checked the Nate Berkus website & saw that the episode my mom & I went to is being aired TODAY! (hear about that awesome day here)I forgot to DVR it, I’ll be at work 😦 BOOO!

If you happen to catch it, look for these 2 crazy ladies in the front row.


8 responses to “Look For Me & My Mom Today!

  1. Let me know when you go to MJ’s to watch it… maybe i can tag along

  2. Aww I missed it…I bet they’ll replay it this week though.

  3. pawsitivelife

    I missed the episode! I hope you got to tape it! or watch it online

  4. Kenny macdonald

    Ive seen those 2 crazy ladies for over 28 years !! LOL

  5. I bet you can DVR it from online! I do that w/ our DirecTV.

  6. Awesome! Do you have direct tv? I know with mine I can set shows up to record from my phone or online. I’m betting you can do that too, unless you just have a local cable company or something. Just a thought! How fun!!

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