My Vacuum Sucks.

I had my bridal shower before we found our house and never lived on my own, so I had no clue what to register for.  I thought I needed a giant disco vacuum so it would last forever.  I got the crazy 3 ton vac with all of its bells & whistles. 

The day before mey shower, our offer was accepted on our house.  When we  first purchased our home, we quickly realized how disgusting a carpet can actually be if you own 3 large dogs and 2 cats (like the previous owners).  Mmmm gross.  This photo actually does the carpet not justice.  It was much more *belch* severe than this pic. No idea what the freaky tribal masks were all about.  They were on EVERY wall in the house!  Hello spackle!

 Before we moved in, we ripped up all of the carpet and linoleum and laid down hard wood and ceramic tile.  (Ugh!  If you ever saw underneath the carpet…no words people.  No words to describe the nastiness)

With new super shiny floors, we no longer needed the heaviest vacuum know to man-kind.  I returned it to Bed Bath & Beyond (I love that store).  I looked online for reviews of the vacuums that they carried so I could use my store credit.   After reading rave reviews, the fancy brand name, and the inexpensive price tag, I settled on this guy:

It basically pushed around the dirt on the floor.  Really.  I don’t know what these “reviewers” were thinking.   Worst vacuum ever.  

*Side story*

So, I’m in the return line and the lady behind me puts her hand over her chest and gasps at me. 

Her: You are not returning THAT vacuum?!

Me: Yep I am. 

Her: It’s the best vacuum I’ve ever bought

Me: It rearranged the dirt on my floor

Her: That’s a sin!  *stunned look on face* Maybe you just got a bad one.  You should go get another of the same model and give it a second chance.

Me: Well, I already bought another one that works really well for us.

Her: *jaw hits floor*  You’re making a big mistake miss!

Not kidding.  This kind of thing happens somewhat regularly to me!  Read about my almost brawl in HomeGoods here.

*end of story*

8 Months later (I’m working on the procrastination thing 😉 ) I returned it and bought a new one!  Woo to the Hoo! It has ridiculous suction and is only like 10 pounds!  Plus we bought a new floor cleaning system since the old wet swiffer just wasn’t cutting it over @ casa FSL. 

Have you recently purchased any lame products? Ever got into a mini brawl at a shop and need to vent it out?  Do it here… 😛


4 responses to “My Vacuum Sucks.

  1. I think I’m vacuum challenged, they never work for me and then I get too lazy to return them which leaves me pissed off. I love the hopping around to the side story and back, it made my ADD mindset happy!

  2. I hate wasting money on products that end up sucking!! At least you were able to return them — I got a hardwood cleaner/sanitizer as a wedding gift and I’m anxious to find out how it works — hoping I have better luck!

  3. OOOH! How do you like the Bona? We need something better than a Swiffer for all of our hard floors.

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