We Skipped Spring

I am pretty sure this has happened over the past 5 years.  New England begins to thaw out from the icy winter by raining the entire months of April and May. 

Suddenly, it’s 85 and humid.  That’s what we are working with around here.  Does anyone know where spring went?  The T-shirt and jeans weather?  Yoo Hoo?  Anyone? 

Well, I love the summertime.  It’s not technically summer, but this kid’s got the right idea!

We don’t have an awesome pool like that.  We have this eyesore giant air-conditioning unit.

Within the next month, our not-so- lovely air conditioner (that we have had cranked for the past couple of weeks) is getting the boot.

We are finally putting in the window!  Hooray! If you forgot about the window drama, click here to see my Photoshop attempt at superimposing a window into the space.

Hopefully, Operation Central Air will commence ASAP!

How are you staying cool?


18 responses to “We Skipped Spring

  1. New England only has two seasons, Winter and Springsummerfall. I like Lewis Black’s interpretation of a New England fall one year when we had continuous heat waves. The leaves didn’t change color, they just got too hot, went “ehh” and fell off the trees.

    I am enjoying the hot weather, though! My tomato plants… not so much.

    (I think the same person who put in your AC put ours in, since it’s right over our dining table and sticking out like an eyesore. They didn’t put the cord in the wall so it hangs down under the AC – more eyesore!)

  2. Its time for central air !!

  3. We’re trying very hard to keep cool with a ceiling fan in our family room and a window AC unit in our bedroom. We’re miserable in every other room of our house 🙂

  4. We’ve got those ceiling fan blower thingies, they work well, but sometimes we need to turn on the A/C. Summer does mean slip-n-slide. ‘member them?

  5. Yippie, finally the air con unit is going, you must be pretty excited 🙂 Can’t wait for pictures!

  6. Phew sounds hot! Yay for air con!

  7. I am cheap and not turning on my A/C. I am moving June 30 so I wont have an energy bill–hooray! On the flip side, I won’t have a home–boo! I am trying to stay indoors unless I am at the pool. Which I need to find a pool to crash that doesnt have kids. We’ll see how this pans out.

  8. I totally feel you…. it’sl ike it was raining and 40 degrees two weeks ago and now it’s pushing 100 and humid as anything! I kind of miss FOUR seasons lol

  9. It’s supposed to be 41º with the humidex here in Canada, I’m wearing long shorts to work. We have yet to put in our 100lb air conditioner unit in the window. We gotta get on that. I hate sleeping with just one sheet.. and nothing else. I feel violated lol.

  10. We have geothermal cooling..which is awesome because the more we cool our, the more it heats our water so it doesn’t really cost us any extra!!

    It’s been upper 90’s here all week (plus the lovely Iowa humidity) but it’s supposed to be like 65 on Friday…brrrr. 😛

  11. Ugh! We are going through this, too. I despise heat + humidity. Love heat, though! Makes me wonder why I live here!

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